Firefox extensions

Firefox extensions, the list becomes bigger and bigger

I’ve written about the Firefox extensions that I use. Some new extensions are added and some not so usefull extensions are deactivated.
So I desided that the new extension should be added to the list.

PDF DownloadFirst I want to talk about PDF Download. But why use it? I use it because Firefox freezes up when I open a PDF, this because the Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin takes al lot of time to start up. So to make this plugin work even beter, I advise to download Foxit PDF Reader (sadly only for Windows…. I’m currently working on an Apple because my PC is dead…) which works exactly as Acrobat Reader but is smaller, faster, portable and free.
Read more about this extension at

Mouse GesturesThe second extension is Mouse Gestures which only works on a PC. With Mouse Gestures you execute commands by mouse “drawing” over the webpage. For now I only use the gestures for forward/backward (draw a horizontal line from left to right / right to left) but for only two gestures it is also very usefull.