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Essential Fonts for Designers – 300 free truetype fonts you should have

A while back I found (or somebody posted in a blog …) a link to a site where a designer posted 300 free truetype fonts.
I was interested so I bookmarked it, but for some reason I didn’t downloaded any of the fonts.
Probably because I have my set of favorite fonts.
But after a while a became curious if the designer had a nice set of free fonts I could recommend to my friends. I couldn’t find the site in my bookmarks but that was because the site wasn’t the site I remembered (
And nobody on the internet could give me the list the designer posted. So after some digging in Internet Archive: Wayback Machine a found the list, but the url’s didn’t work any more.
So I did the best I could do, I made it possible to view the list en find the freeware font with google.

For this purpose I have made an oldkool frameset frameset which makes it easier to search for the fonts.

And if you want to help me to create a complete ZIP; you can find my hotmail email address here to send your files.

Remember this: I have no idea who the designer is/was, and his/her choice of font are not necessary my choice of fonts.

Update #1: Vitaly Friedman has a very good list of serious license-free fonts, check it out!.
Update #2: And Vitaly Friedman has also a very good list of 25 best license free pixelfonts, he is doing a hell of a job.