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Starting with WordPress and blogging

Oke you have a fresh WordPress installed, your ready to go…

And then you ask yourself: am I ready for blogging?
Is this all I need, is there something I’m forgetting?

Well if I may give you 3 4 tips: 3 4 wordpress plugins I am using and are extremly usefull.
You could call it my “Top 3 4 WordPress plugins” and yes I know that a lot of people can come up to a total of 10 WordPress plugins but for now I’m not using more than these 3 4.

  1. Askimet
    A plugin for keeping spam from your blog. This plugin will save you a lot of time once your blog is visited (indexed) by a search-engine.
  2. WP-slimstat
    Is a statistic plugin. And I must confess: I am a slimstat junkie! This is the first thing I do when I’m logged in. And I can get this information straight from my WordPress administration interface. Read more about it.
  3. WordPress Database Backup
    A plugin you use to backup your database. And this is the most important of blogging: the stuff you write. It’s accesable from your WordPress administration interface. In WordPress 2.0 the WordPress Database Backup is include by default.

Update #1: After writing about wp-cron I came across some discussion about wp-db-backup, and it seems to be removed from the default WordPress package. Hmmm, it doesn’t matter: I still recommend this plugin!

I Askimet
I WordPress Database Backup and wp-cron