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Creating papercraft: Grumm – part6

I finished the Grumm printsheet version 3:
Grumm a4 printsheet version 03a

I’ve tested this printsheet a couple of times and is as good as I can make it right now
And now you will probably ask: “where is the .PDF?”
Well …I first want too make a “skin” for Grumm before all of my “friends” start building one.
But I have asked the friendly people of Frutabomba too create a custom Grumm.

But leave your email here in the comments, and as soon as possible I will send you a file you can work with. really I will!

So too collect all the stuff I did these couple of weeks:
The mugshots of the prototype:
Grumm mugshot prototype version 3

The Grumm logo:
Grumm logo version 2

And the print sheets:
Grumm a4 printsheet version 03a

5 replies on “Creating papercraft: Grumm – part6”

Off course you can customize one.

But at this moment I’m swamped with work and other projects I want to put behind me, so I hope you can wait till the end of this week.

It seems that I have some time left at the end of the week to clean up my templates of Grumm.
Some designers who created a skin, gave me some feedback about the templates.
And I want to put them in the new version of the templates, before I’ll send them to you.

But thx in advance for your effort.

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