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Papercraft prototype: Spraycan – part 4

After I cleaned up the files produced by Pepakura with Illustrator I could test the prototype.

If you look closely to the previous post about this project, you see that I don’t have a screenshot from the rounded part on top of the can. This is because I couldn’t get it to work in Google Sketchup… So I decided to make a globe in 3d, make a flat version in Pepakura and edit it in Illustrator (cut parts away I don’t need).

Here a the different parts I tested:

The tube
Spraycan WIP Tube

The can
Spraycan WIP Can

The cap
Spraycan WIP Cap

The round part of the can…
Spraycan WIP roundtop
I don’t think I will be using this part: it’s to detailed for this project. And quite difficult to make, when printed on a A4 papersheet.

The Spraycan complete
Spraycan WIP Complete
So without the curved part, this will be the look.

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Eén twee drie vier, spuitbus van, spuitbus van
Eén twee drie vier, spuitbus van papier.
Als de spuitbus dan niet past,
Zet ‘m in de glazenkast.
Eén twee drie vier, spuitbus van papier.

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