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Papercraft prototype: Spraycan – part 3

I imported the .KMZ file made by Google Sketchup, which I made in part 2 of this series, to Pepakura designer and I wasn’t totally happy with the end result:

Spraycan - Pepakura

I contribute the in some cases strange “decisions” from Pepakura to:
– my very basic modeling skills (I have none)
– Pepakura can’t think like a human… (It just works like a machine) and makes strange decisions.
– I made the 3d model in one part.

I tried to clean up the 3d model, but I was getting nowhere. So I decided to clean up the file in Illustrator:
Spraycan - Illustrator

Time to put it all together!

One reply on “Papercraft prototype: Spraycan – part 3”

I would suggest splitting the cylinder end cap portions (circles) of the model from the cylinder wall portions. I found it much easier to work with the parts when I created my spray can model – both from a model standpoint and from a graphic design standpoint.

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