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Papercraft prototype: Spraycan – part 4

After I cleaned up the files produced by Pepakura with Illustrator I could test the prototype.

If you look closely to the previous post about this project, you see that I don’t have a screenshot from the rounded part on top of the can. This is because I couldn’t get it to work in Google Sketchup… So I decided to make a globe in 3d, make a flat version in Pepakura and edit it in Illustrator (cut parts away I don’t need).

Here a the different parts I tested:

The tube
Spraycan WIP Tube

The can
Spraycan WIP Can

The cap
Spraycan WIP Cap

The round part of the can…
Spraycan WIP roundtop
I don’t think I will be using this part: it’s to detailed for this project. And quite difficult to make, when printed on a A4 papersheet.

The Spraycan complete
Spraycan WIP Complete
So without the curved part, this will be the look.

Design Urban papercraft

Papercraft prototype: Spraycan – part 3

I imported the .KMZ file made by Google Sketchup, which I made in part 2 of this series, to Pepakura designer and I wasn’t totally happy with the end result:

Spraycan - Pepakura

I contribute the in some cases strange “decisions” from Pepakura to:
– my very basic modeling skills (I have none)
– Pepakura can’t think like a human… (It just works like a machine) and makes strange decisions.
– I made the 3d model in one part.

I tried to clean up the 3d model, but I was getting nowhere. So I decided to clean up the file in Illustrator:
Spraycan - Illustrator

Time to put it all together!

Design Urban papercraft

Papercraft prototype: Spraycan – part 2

Time to convert the illustration from part 1 into a 3d object in Google Sketchup:

First the bottom of the can:
Spraycan bottom
Created a separate cap:
Spraycan cap
Putting it together:
Spraycan in Google Sketchup

Time to convert this to a flat, printable version using Pepakura designer

Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: e440 squirrels

e440Another Dutchman (Brickboy for example) who’s created a urban papercraft model:

The name puzzled me for a while but e440 ‘explained’ it:
(sorry this is in Dutch…)

KLM Cargo heeft gisteren 440 eekhoorns die vanuit China op doorreis waren naar Griekenland laten afmaken. Daartoe is besloten omdat de vereiste export- en gezondheidsdocumenten ontbraken. ,,Dit is buitengewoon triest”, zegt een woordvoerder van KLM Cargo. ,,We hebben deze maatregel met pijn in ons hart moeten nemen.” [Trouw, dinsdag 13 april 1999]

And in good urban papercraft ‘tradition’ e440 has also a blank template. The only thing you need to do, is send an email and you will receive an .EPS which you can modify

You should of course visit e440 (at least to get the email address) or you can view a little gallery here:

Squirrel example 1
Squirrel example 2
Squirrel example 3
Squirrel example 4
Squirrel example 5
Squirrel example 6
Squirrel example 7
Squirrel example 8

Design Urban papercraft

Papercraft prototype: Spraycan – part 1

I don’t know exactly how I came up with this idea:

But it really don’t matter, I’ve been working on a papermodel in the shape of a spraycan.
I started with collecting images, and made a illustration of a spraycan.

Spraycan examples

Time to put it in Google Sketchup.