AS3 Flash Physics Engine Box2D

I was looking for a physics engine for Flash so I started looking for one… there are a lot of engines…
I won’t mention them all, there are enough people who did that already (here, here, here and here)

If the list is that big, how to choose?
Well I also want to use it with papervision3d so I googled on that and if someone checked out a couple of engines (this guy checked out 3).
And in one of my rss feeds there is a guy who builds games, and now it writing tutorials for box2d 😉

So I decided on box2d.

Box2D is an open source physics engine written primarily for games. As the name suggests, Box2D is a purely 2D engine. However, Box2D has grown beyond it’s humble box simulating roots, and can now handle convex polygons and other shapes coming soon.

Box2D is written in C++, but there is a port to as3: AS3 Flash Physics Engine Box2DFlashAS3 2.0.1.

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Box2DFlashAS3 is an open source port of Erin Catto‘s powerful c++ physics library Box2D.

There is not a lot of information about Box2DFlashAS3 and tutorials are even harder to find.
So here some useful links:

Emanuele Feronato (an Italian PROgrammer) has written an extremely useful tutorial: box2d tutorial for the absolute beginners/. This one is a very good starting point!

I will write about the problems that I encounter with Box2D, I hope that will help you in your quest to understand box3DFlash.

Because I’m quite lazy, I didn’t mention all the as3 physics engines but you can: just make a comment about any engine and perhaps why you are working with that engine…

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    1. I’m quite impressed that so much help is available but people could use some more hardcore Technical Info.

    2. G’day all, I am an Art Director for a Sydney based digital advertising agency. In my spare time, though, I have started to make a Box2d tile based platform game. If this is of interest to any of you, I will be sharing my progress, tutorials and source files as I go along. Although the game is a fair bit more progressed than the blog would have you believe, I am just in the process of catching up, so there will be lots of posts in the near future.

      The blog home is

      In upcoming posts I will be dealing with custom graphics, setting up goals, and adding in parallax backgrounds.

      All constructive feedback is appreciated.

      Cheers, Jason

    3. Hi,

      I created a small tool which allows you to create physics shapes from png images.

      It traces the outline of a sprite and creates polygons with the ability to adjust physics parameters like friction, density and collision bits.

      All common problems are handled for you: concave/convex polygons, polygon orientation and others.

      I would currently need some help to add a flash support for it. Perhaps somebody from here might want to help me?


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