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Shin Tanaka – Spiky baby [series 4] is out

Shin Tanaka | Spiky Baby Series 4 is out now.

MacMeier design

With designs from:
(and now you will see how impatience I am: I don’t want to wait and see all different Spiky Baby randomly, so I “hacked” the swf and got the url )

Update #1: all these downloads are limited time only :: that time has passed… the links don’t work anymore…. | view Spiky baby
Arte Vettoriale | view Spiky baby
COM RAID | goto 1 | goto 2 | goto 3
Epic | view Spiky baby
Macmeier | view Spiky baby
Nagua design | goto 1 | goto 2
ONESIDEZERO | goto 1 | goto 2
REACH | view Spiky baby
TIMROBOT |view Spiky baby

And the stuff that Shin Tanaka adds:
goto Spiky Baby “S”
goto Spiky Baby “P”
goto Spiky Baby “I”
goto Spiky Baby “K”
goto Spiky Baby “Y”
goto Spiky Baby box

Happy cutting!

Urban papercraft

Result of the Kilobus contest

Remember the Kilobus contest???

Well the result are in; there is a winner, go check it out!

And for you lazy bastards the gallery of all the participants:

Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: Fwis Readymech

ReadyMechs serie 01

I can’t tell this better then Fwis do them self:

Fwis Presents Readymech – Free flatpack toys for you to print and build. Readymechs are free flatpack toys designed to fit on an 8.5?x11? and to be printed on any printer.

I can’t give you the definition what a flatpack toys is. I can show you!

There are no blank versions of the Readymech, but with a little imagination you can make a couple new designs yourself!

And if you need a little help: Computer Arts has a tutorial about Design and build a flatpack toy.

You can download the tutorial for free or just download the support files from the “bad-boy”, print it and start building.

Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: Ken Munk

Another cool urban papercraft project: Antlor – the deer departed by Kenn Munk.

Antlor 3

This project could creep you out! Kenn is the type of guy who likes too shot, kill paper animals, cut-em-up and hang these hunting trophies on the wall.

This is series 1, it has 3 different designs which can be bought.

But…… I love stuff that’s for free, and I love the blank versions:
Get your own Antlor hunting trophy.
And a DIY Antlor

Antlor 1 & 2

Ill wait and see what happens in series 2.

(and yeah I will try too make one of my own)

Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: Kilobus

Update #1: my French is non-existing but even when it’s translate I don’t read it good: Wim pointed out the correct submission date of the contest: 20 October…
So from today (updated on 18 October) you have two days to finish your design.

In my Urban papercraft series I wanted to talk about Ken Munk and Fwis Readymech but they have to wait…

Team Kilobus from France surprised me with there gorilla. And because there is a contest going on, perhaps it’s interesting to join if you want to.

My French is bad… and thats an understatement. So let me (google) help translating the page where you can read everything: Customize the gorilla where you also can find the .PDF and start coloring because this contest last till the end of this month (October).

An example by Ecklectic

The first time a ran into this papercraft project I wasn’t impressed… I bookmarked the site, and today I saw it again. And team Kilobus has been busy: they has created a contest with the gorilla with some nice prices. He cleaned up the papercraft and contestants.

As I said: I’m glad I bookmarked the site.

I will make one of my own, but not before the ending of this month… I’m busy creating my own papercraft figure. (and I need to finish my design for this blog!)

Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: Sjors Trimbach

Yes, let’s make a urban papercraft series!

BrickboyThis time I want to point you towards Sjors Trimbach site. He created Brickboy.

You can build a brickboy yourself: visit the site, goto [designs], choose one of you favorite, press [download], print it and start building!
Brickboy serie

If you are more creative then that: you can design a brickboy yourself! Just send a email (I could place the email here, but I won’t because I don’t want to add to his spam …. so goto the site and click on [info] ).

The same comment I gave Shin Tanaka, I’m giving to Sjors: he is holding back some (new) designs, found these using google:
Other papercraft by Sjors Trimbach

And my own custom Brickboy will be added to my wish list. So much to do – so little time.

Shin Tanaka's Brickboy Shin Tanaka made a also a Brickboy!

Urban papercraft

Urban papercraft: Shin Tanaka

Shin Tanaka updated his site so check out.
And he added T-BOY HOODY to the list of paper toys you can customize or design! Just drop Shin one of the following email in his mailbox: “T-BOY HOODY” , “GRITTY” , and “SPIKY BABY”.

I decided to share a “hobby” of mine (read more about my “hobbies”).

But I will only share the cool part of it: I’m talking about urban papercraft.
The cool customizable paper toys who are similar to that of the vinyl scene.

Shin Tanaka is my favorite (well …. I can’t find a lot of builders who approach papercraft with a urban style). I like the simple shapes he uses to create the figures and that they fit on one pace of paper. But what makes him a genius is the fact that he makes DIY paper toys. And it works…. I want to design one too. So this will be added to my wish list. I especially like the GRITTY.

An example: darkimey X GRITTY
GRITTY darkimey
One of the master himself: QRCOD GRITTY

So if you have some spare time try one of these: the custom designed paper model collection especially made as a canvas for graffiti writers and designers who want to present their work for public! Or design a SPIKY BABY or GRITTY

Basic Spike from the SPIKY BABY [SERIES 3] – box
SPIKE basic

SPIKE bichorabioso << An example from bicho

The only “comment” I have about Shin that his portfolio-site doesn’t let us see everything he made in the past: he also made some papercraft based on figures from Michael Lau (Michael Lau creates bad ass figures!!): Davy (red), Davy in different colors, SF.M.L.F, and a “Special Paper Model Download Page” in English.

Update #1: An article about Shin Tanaka can be found Pingmag – The Tokoyo-based magazine