Urban papercraft: PaperToys book Artists

Update #1: I have written a post about Jerom
Update #2: Read about Macula

I have written about the paperToys book from Matt Hawkins before: it’s a book about the most talented paperToy designers in the world!

(and I’m part of that group 😉 )

Because the list is so impressive I should write about these people…..
And I already did that: a lot of these paperToy designers are part of my Urban papercraft series

But there are some where I will not write about: not because they are not talented, but they don’t meet the requirements for my definition of Urban Papercraft. So I hope I don’t offend someone, but this group of designers will be striked out (like this)

  1. Shin Tanaka — 🙂 read my posts yes, wrote about him more then once…
  2. 3eyed Bear — 🙂 read my post
  3. Speaker Dog — 🙂 read my post
  4. Toypaper — 🙂 read my post I love papercraft/Flash
  5. Sjors Trimbach — 🙂 read my post one of the first paperToy designers a wrote about.
  6. Ken Munk — 🙂 read my post I really like the idea of hunting trophies
  7. Carlo Giovani — 🙁 very talented though
  8. E440 — 🙂 read my post
  9. Illectronics — 🙂 read my post
  10. Jonny Chiba — 🙂 read my post
  11. PHILL — 🙂 read my post
  12. Marshall Alexander
  13. Nice Bunny — 🙂 read my post very recently
  14. SIZZA — 🙂 read my post
  15. P.P. Bear 100% loading
  16. Big Chief
  17. Lou Lou
  18. Bryan Rollins
  19. Christopher Bonnette — 🙂 Update #2: read my post
  20. Grumm — nice dude! 😉
  21. Jerom — 🙂 Update #1: read my post
  22. Burlabox
  23. Rommy very, very, very cute, but no blank template
  24. Cubotoy — very beautyfull, can’t find blank template, pitty 🙁
  25. Matt Hawkins

I see I have my work cut out for me….

Urban papercraft: Papercraft X

Papercraft X is not really one person that has a model that you can customize, but this site collects all papercraft models that can be customized.

All big name can be found over there (Shin Tanaka, Matt Hawkins, me 😉 , ….), but also some smaller/unknown designers can be found there.

Papercraft X - logo

We’re aiming to catalogue all of the urban toys in the world!

This site is maintain by Jun aka SonicScape Jun who also has models which you can customize

Jun is also a member of Nice Paper Toys

Urban papercraft: Spiky Baby Deluxe series

At the beginning of this year Shin Tanaka came with a secret project: the SPIKY BABY Deluxe series. This project had two tags “Real Arts for Everyone” and “Change the Game”….
So this project must be something


As other SPIKY BABY series you can download all models at random, but I don’t have the patience to download them all that way.
So I hacked it a little and give you all the links at once:

Update #1: all these downloads are limited time only :: that time has passed… the links don’t work anymore….
  1. 460
  2. akira
  3. Akishi_Nishida
  6. BOX
  7. David_Horvath
  8. DavidFlores
  9. eshimasa
  10. gumliens
  13. KAIJIN
  15. KIMA
  16. koraters
  18. mori_chack
  19. mori_chack_heavy_blood
  20. mori_chack_instinctive
  21. NO23_Tomohiro
  22. REACH2
  23. REACH
  24. SHIN
  25. T9G
  26. Terry
  27. TOUMA2
  28. TOUMA
  30. CUPCO_1
  31. CUPCO_2
  32. CUPCO_3
  33. CUPCO_4
  34. devilrobots
  35. MAD
  36. DavidFlores_blue
  37. DavidFlores_green
  38. BSHITT

Good luck downloading a great SPIKY BABY set.

Read an interview with Shin Tanaka at Toysrevil about this project.


Meet Grumm, a moody piece of paper…

When I started writing about urban papercraft, I got inspired by Brickboy and Spiky Baby (and recently added to this list: e440): I wanted to create my own figure.
And so I did!

Grumm evolved in time, which is documented in a couple of post.
To give some highlights of the process: the beginning, prototype pictures, near completion and my first Grumm design Grumm the screamer red. (read everything)

In my definition of urban papercraft, there should be a design made by me and a blank version for other to customize…

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Grumm The Screamer Red

This is my design for Grumm:
Grumm The Screamer Red
Grumm The Screamer Red

Get the template here (Preview a thumb):

(The .ZIP file contains a .PDF)

For extracting data from a ZIP file you can use Filzip or 7-zip (both for PC and for free)
For reading a PDF you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader (for Apple, PC and for free).

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Artist series

Every papertoy designer starts a Artist series: invite all you friends, force them to create a custom skin for Grumm and post the results here:

GrummBunny by NiceBunny
GrummBunny is created by NiceBunny, check out his site and his HedKase series (which includes my custom: Grim Grinning Grunt)
Do you want to know more about NiceBunny, goto his site or visit my post about him.


Get the template here:

(The .ZIP file contains a .PDF)

Grummeling by Enkeling
Symen Veenstra aka Enkeling is a very talented illustrator and a good friend. We both went to the same art academy where we both studied graphic design
He called this Grumm: Grummeling

Grummeling by Enkeling

The .ZIP file contains a .PDF
(You can use freeware like FilZip or 7zip to extract a .ZIP-file and read a .PDF with Acrobat or Foxit)

Pink Grumm by Petra van Breugel
Petra van Breugel designed a Grumm in her favorite color: pink. And that simple reason is also the base for it’s name: Pink Grumm 🙂

Pink Grumm by Petra van Breugel

The .ZIP file contains a .PDF
(You can use freeware like FilZip or 7zip to extract a .ZIP-file and read a .PDF with Acrobat or Foxit)

Little GrummerBoy by Hardy
Little GrummerBoy is a Grumm custom by Hardy. Hardy is a German graphic designer and allround creative.
You can visit Hardy on his own blog: thepaperjam.de, it’s in German so not readable for everyone 🙁 .
More into English? Perhaps you should visit him on myspace: Hardy has the most awesome myspace I have ever seen which is dedicated to his papertoy Bottecc

Little Grummerboy by Hardy, a Grumm Custom

The .ZIP file contains a .PDF
(You can use freeware like FilZip or 7zip to extract a .ZIP-file and read a .PDF with Acrobat or Foxit)

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Grumm blank template

And here is the blank version for custom design (preview):
Grumm blank

You will get a an Illustrator EPS file (Illustrator CS), where the different parts are positioned in the most easy position for designing a custom skin for Grumm. If you want to show your design here on this site, contact me and I will send you my email address.

Update #1: Mike Hungerford pointed out to me that not everybody has Illustrator CS, so for people with a lower version of Illustrator, I saved the file to Illustrator 8. Download Grumm blank template in Illustrator 8 version.

Update #2: Methuup da Funky One, a member of NPT pointed me towards an error in my thought process… I thought that everyday either prints a designed Grumm or will create/design there own.
Methuup come with a third group: people that print a Grumm on a pattern and build a Grumm from that. Cool, and the strange thing is: I did that also.
And for that group there is no download link … yet.
I feel very stupid, so I made a download link for all the people that want to have a blank Grumm template that is on two pieces of paper. Download Grumm blank template on 2 pages.

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Sometimes you just need answers, so here is my Frequently Asked Questions:
(it’s no list right now, but very soon I will collect all the questions asked, and put it here… )

[Q] How did you come up with the name Grumm
[A] I didn’t: a good friend (Enkeling) did.

[Q] What can I do with a zip file?
[A] Zip files are compression files. You need a program to extract these files. For extracting data from a ZIP file you can use Filzip or 7-zip (both for PC and for free)

[Q] What can I do with a pdf file?
[A] For reading a PDF you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader (for Apple, PC and for free).

Soon more faq, but keep em coming!

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Thanx to:

People who deserve some props:

Design Grumm site

  • The Sandbox is a theme for themers. I’m loving it!
  • Kaiser font by Chank
  • Baron Kuffner font by Bumbayo Font Fabrik
  • Stock.XCHNG, the leading FREE stock photo site for the images used in the design
  • The background pattern by squidfingers.
  • Mike Davidson for the creation of sifr which gave me the possibility for using the fonts described above
  • And CHAITGEAR for creating a really good WordPress plugin to easily use sifr


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Other cool papercraft projects:

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Urban papercraft: Crossville

Update #1: Mister Illectronics himself pointed out that there is a project-dedicated ‘MySpace’ site: www.myspace.com/illectronics. Check it out.
MySpace seems to be the place to hang, check out the friends section: it loaded with cool illustrators, graffity artist, customizers, etc!
It’s the place where I found Phil. So if you find some other urban papercraft artists, just send me an email

By accident I stumbled into the work of Illectronics. I was looking for some cool papercraft and found this image:

a Shin Tanaka custom of El Carmesi, which I’ve seen before but always assumed it was a vinyl custom…

It’s not! This is a personal project called crossville which is set out into the paperworld to conquer all!

There are two very interesting models to be made:

You can visit Illectronics, goto work and the goto misc and see the models (and some customs).

If you want to create a custom, you need to send a mail to Sharim Gubbels (I could link directly to his email adress but for that you need to go to his site) which email address can be found here with a small explanation.

And you can see some images here in a little gallery I made: Crossville project by Illectronics
Crossville project by Illectronics
(customs and some other models).

Urban papercraft: Sjors Trimbach

Yes, let’s make a urban papercraft series!

BrickboyThis time I want to point you towards Sjors Trimbach site. He created Brickboy.

You can build a brickboy yourself: visit the site, goto [designs], choose one of you favorite, press [download], print it and start building!
Brickboy serie

If you are more creative then that: you can design a brickboy yourself! Just send a email (I could place the email here, but I won’t because I don’t want to add to his spam …. so goto the site and click on [info] ).

The same comment I gave Shin Tanaka, I’m giving to Sjors: he is holding back some (new) designs, found these using google:
Other papercraft by Sjors Trimbach

And my own custom Brickboy will be added to my wish list. So much to do – so little time.

Shin Tanaka's Brickboy Shin Tanaka made a also a Brickboy!

Urban papercraft: Phil Toyz

Wow…., what can I say, I hade the same feeling I had when I “found” Shin Tanaka
Phil is a (very) talented papercraft (and probably more then that) designer from Italy, check out his myspace page.

If been checking this incredible urban paper craft creator for a while, but I never noticed the BIG sign (thx toysrevil for pointing it out):

Phil toys

otherwise I would have written about this guy before.
The PhilToy myspace page is not very clear (there is not a lot of information).
And you can’t download the designs for G-Boy or Noise, but you can create a custom design for G-Boy is you send an email to PHIL and a template will be sent to you.

And to start your creativity: here are some designs:

do I need to say more? G-boy if phat!

There is another great design from Phil: Noise

Urban papercraft: We hate glue

Update (16 April 2007): since my last visit, there been some new additions to the gallery

We hate glue… the people of Marrsbar have started a papercraft competition: and as the title says, no glue required.

And the price?? 250 euros!
What to do: customize a paper arcade machine.
But you have to design fast, the deadline is 30th of April (2007).
 We Hate Glue Competition

  • Just download the blank template (PDF)
  • Place your grafics
  • and send it back (“more” detailed information here)

No feeling inspired? Want to see some examples, to check out the competition visit the we hate glue gallery
or view the gallery here

So stop reading, start earning money and create!

We Hate Glue - Logo