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Flickr gallery: Papertoy robots – part 1

I know that I haven’t been very active on my own blog, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy!
Sadly I can’t tell a lot about that….

I the meanwhile I made a Flickr gallery about Papertoy robots – part 1.

A thumbnail gallery about papetoy robots
A thumbnail gallery about papetoy robots

I hope you like it

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Son of a Grumm – part 2

Son of a Grumm, originally uploaded by Matthijs Kamstra aka [mck].

A image that I made to promote Grumm and Son of a Grumm in particular on mySpace.

It seems to be working: the group of digital friends is slowly growing 😉

Read more in a previous post or about the Urban Papertoy book

Grumm Urban papercraft

Paper Toy Book preview

Update #1: I got the complete list of paper toy designers from Matt Hawkins

Paper Toy Book preview, originally uploaded by Custom Paper Toys.

Last year I was invited to joint a group of 24 of the most talented paper toy designers in the world. Matt Hawkins (you know him from his site Custom Paper Toys or his contributions to Paperforest) started a book which will be publish early 2009.

On the image you see the first half of the papertoys:

Just visit flickr and see the notes on the picture, so you see who made what….

My toy is the one with the gun: I call it Son of a Grumm.
When I have my own pictures of it, I will post it here