Flash video player

Flash Video (FLV) Player 1.1 released

About the project

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flvPlayer mck v1.1


I haven’t had the time to clean up the source code, so for now you can download the SWF and some other stuff in a ZIP

Get your stuff here:


Wish list and To-do

Version 1.1
Bugs from version 1.0:

  • After playing the video the controller stops working
  • Progress-bar and loading bar take big jumps
  • SetBufferTime was set too high
  • Once played the progress bar doesn’t start anymore


  • Variables through html (query-string):
    • name of FLV (required!)
    • name of JPG (optional)
    • autoStart = true (default == undefined == false)
  • Startup black screen with text “play movie” centered
  • If JPG is defined show image above the black screen
  • If autoStart == true don’t show JPG or black screen
  • Width and height is defined in the (x)html (remember to put 20 px extra to the height for the controller)
  • Player controls with a simple interface:
    • Play / pause button
    • Loader bar
    • Progress bar (visual, not interactive)
    • Sound on/off button