Todo: create my own design for wp-blog

I’ve used the wp-theme Blix for a while now and I’m running into some problems with this theme. And the most obvious is the navigation bar at the top.

So here is a wishlist of things I want to change and create in my own theme:

  1. login on the right side >> now I have to go to the bottom of the page for a login
  2. categories and sub categories are not visible
  3. navigation bar on the top with submenu
  4. more distinct difference between title and H2 t/m H6 tags
  5. IMG need some space around it
  6. popup javascript for big pictures and flash
  7. navigation in one line >> it seems that blix is designed for little navigation
  8. RSS with RSS icon (feedicons)
  9. Design of blog less “bloggie”, create more space / white
  10. add “polymath zapper” to blog
  11. create logo “[mck]”
  12. date of post more visible