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Urban papercraft: Paper Robots

Optimus PrimeIn one of my rss feeds I came across the papermodel of Optimus Prime (yeah: nerd I know..)
I am truly amazed at this papermodel: it’s almost as good as a action figure. It has joints that move freely and smoothly but the best of it all is: it transforms into a truck: this papermodel is a real transformer.

blank has 4 models with the same flexibility, but I want to focus on the blank robot version.
I’ve written about my definition of urban-papercraft and I was not sure if this model would fit my definition.

Kami RoboUntil I read the story about another model of the Kami Robo the Birdman.

This model is based upon the works of Tomohiro Yasui, who created over 200 of these papercraft wrestlers with there own name and a well-defined personality. And these wrestlers slug it out at so check that out.

And so I started to realize that the blank robot is indeed a urban papercraft.
And for the inspiration you can check out the gallery of wrestlers made by Tomohiro Yasui.

Here two of my favourites:

Genie (King of evil)

Shark Hawk

And check out the rest of the wrestlers

Our check this video at YouTube – Kami-Robo Part 1:
(thx Kamiel for pointing me to this video)


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