FlashBox blocks content in IE6

Jacob Fresco pointed me to a bug that I would never ever have found without his help! So thx.

Hi, first, compliments on the great plugin. However, I do have some remarks. It seems that WordPress 2.1.2 with Wp-Flashbox 1.3 crashes Internet Explorer (=> version 6). When I disable Flashbox, everything works fine.

In Firefox, everything works like a charm… I cannot seem to find the cause of this problem. Any ideas?

Because I have a newly installed Windows XP, I only have IE7, Firefox 2 (my default browser) and for testing Opera (used for testing FlashBox)

So to test this bug I installed Multiple IE which makes it possible to install multiple versions of IE on your PC.
And of course tested IE6: no bugs, no crashes, no nothing, it worked like it supposed to.

Just to be sure, I tested IE6 today at work.
Woooo, that’s an extreme bug.

First you get:
Press ok

And then you get:
Operation aborted

A little search on the internet revealed the problem: “Press OK to continue loading the content of this page”
It’s the changes Microsoft made to IE in response to the Eolas patent lawsuit.

But I thought SWFObject would fix this? (internet explorer eolas changes and the flash plugin/)
But when I tested the demo pages at deconcept with IE6 I also got
“Press OK to continue loading the content of this page” but not the “Operation aborted”

So there must be something wrong with FlashBox. But before I can find out what it is… I have to know the difference between my home-computer and my work-computer, so I can find out what goes wrong.

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