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Flash experiments: tiled background

Update #1: Recently there are some who like to have the source of this project, that’s not a problem. But the source is what it is, and there are no comment in the code….
And because this post was not up-to-date, I’ve remove some of the links to sites with patterns because they didn’t exist anymore. That’s also the reason that I had to update the Flash file.
shortcut to download

Another experiment, to use external images for background patterns.

But there was no need to start from zero, so here are some tutorials that I used:

both tutorials were used in the experiment.

[swf], 450, 450[/swf]

(I had to update this file because of broken links: this is version 2)

Get the source files here:

The .ZIP file contains:

+ tiledBackground     
     + deploy
            - AC_RunActiveContent.js
            - tiledBackground_v02.html
            - tiledBackground_v02.swf
     + source
            - tiledBackground_v02.fla

Borrowed some seamless background pattern from Squidfingers

It’s not possible to link directly to Squidfingers!

But you can find your own patterns on the internet, examples of site with seamless background patterns:

I used in the flash source.
But you can use any image from the internet!
(Need some help: find “tiled background” with google )

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Not yet, give me some time and I will fix it.
I see that one of the sites I use in the experiment is not working any more. 🙁

I will fix that first and make it possible to download the source.

Hi Matthijs,

I think that your works / experiment are very good but the Tiles Background
is very very well!!!!

Can you send me your project or is a private project? I visited the
Kirupa’s link but -unfortunally- I can’t load external (remote) images and
use these as a pattern.

Thanks a lot, Loris

How do you load the external image?

Do you use duplicateMovieClip or you load each image with loadMovie? In
this second case I think the FlashPlayer crush if the Stage is very wide.

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