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Do you recognize the following situation?
You have to change a small thing in a FLA that colleague / freelancer made.
So you open the FLA export it, and the output window get filled with numbers, variables, booleans and other trace comments…

Of course you know that a trace should be removed after it did what you put it in for, but not everybody knows that.
So you decide to remove the traces in the actionScript layer:

  1. CTRL + F (find)
  2. Type in Find what: “trace (“
  3. and type in Replace with: “// trace (“
  4. press Replace button


  1. Commands
  2. [mck] Comment trace

(you can even give a command a keyboard shortcut)

It’s one of the features that I love from SE|PY, the AS-editor I’m using when I’m not scripting in the Flash IDE editor.

How to install:
Save [mck] Comment trace in the jsfl commands folder or just use the installer

Read more about the Extension Manager


  • Only in one frame
  • When you use in the Action (F9) panel, the ‘pin active script’ to pin a couple of frames with actionscript, it doesn’t work
  • words with trace in it… example var traceThis = "foo";

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