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Drukks: the Selfish Series

A while back I mentioned that I was working on a new papertoy called Drukk

drukk: new papertoy by Matthijs Kamstra aka [mck]

Drukk is a simple papertoy (easy to build, easy to customize) with moving parts (you could call it a paper automata). So if you are not in the mood to build/customize a more complex model like Grumm you should give Drukk a try.

I have been working on 4 models to get you all inspired to build and create new Drukks 😉 .

Me, Myself And I

Every Wednesday, for 4 weeks long, I will post a new Drukk from the Selfish Series.

But today I’ll start this Selfish Series with a blank Drukk template (because every really good papertoy series has a blank version) which will be used in the “Pusher Series”:

(The .ZIP file contains a .PDF)

Special thx to some of the friendly people at nicePaperToys who gave me feedback about the build and the model itself.

Tomorrow more….