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Drukks: the Selfish Series – Burdd

The Selfish Series and the (designers) Pusher Series now have there own homepage!

Today I present the second Drukk model in the Selfish Series: Burdd.

Drukks: the Selfish Series

Drukk is a simple papertoy (easy to build, easy to customize) with moving parts (you could call it a paper automata).

Download Burdd:

(The .ZIP file contains a .PDF)

Do you feel inspired by this model? Create your own Drukk, send it to me, and be part of the first “Pusher Series”.
Download the blank Drukk template:

(The .ZIP file contains a .PDF)

I have created 4 models to get you all inspired.
Every Wednesday, for 4 weeks long, I will post a new Drukk from the Selfish Series.
This is the second model from a series of 4.

All models from the first Selfish Series are released!
You can download them here:

and don’t forget: You can create a Drukk too! You can participate in the Pusher Series (just download the blank template and get busy).

On a more personal note.
My girl “complained” that the skins that I create for myself or others are never cute! That’s correct! So now a cute little yellow bird 😉

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