FlashDevelop 3.0.0 Beta8 released

I normally don’t regurgitate information of the internet, but this is a program that I use every day.

First I worked with SE|PY, but that project never made it to AS3…. sadly, I really loved that program and one of the reason was that it was build in python and so it was possible to run on OSX, Linux and Windows.
When I started to program AS3, I needed a tool to help me code nicely: FlashDevelop. It runs on .NET so it works only on Windows, but I love this program!

So here a little info from its creator (Mika):

This release is long overdue but there were a few issues that we wanted to resolve and then there were summer vacations… 🙂
There are quite a lot of new features and really nice stability improvements, we hope that all of you enjoy this release!

Read more about this release.

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