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Papertoy bizz – part 1

I’m currently working on making that papertoy bizz somewhat official.
So I’ve started a business ( <-- not a lot to see there yet) with a officials KvK (Kamer van Koophandel = chamber of commerce) etc….

And you need a business card and that got me wondering about some other business card related items:

  • Business card stand
  • Business card holder

I couldn’t resist looking for paper versions of these items.

I used my day job business card for this: I think they have a common size use in the Netherlands.
The card is 85mm x 55mm (W x H)

In this post I’ll be focussing on the Business card stand!

Business card stand

Simple business card iPhone iPod stand

This one is so simple that I didn’t search further
End result Business card stand from a business card
I found it on so visit them for the whole story.

But I need vector files, not just a sketch! So I converted the instructions into a vector file:

And now the download: this is a little experiment so hope it works:
Download the template as .SVG (use “Save Link As…”)
Use the standard functionality from your browser and save it as “.svg” (Firefox will save it as .XML but that file won’t open in Illustrator)

btw: there is even an instruction how to make this stand without a template; just with folding and another business card! Just visit the post and scroll down the comments.

iPhone and iTouch paper stand dock

But then someone pointed me towards this:
An awesome paper stand from by Julien Madérou. But I see no reason why we can’t use it for a business card stand.

You can download the original .PDF file here (use “Save Link As…”)

But because we don’t need to have a cord running through, I simplified the template a little bit:

Download the template as .SVG (use “Save Link As…”)

If you are having problem to build it, visit the original post: Iphone and Itouch paper stand / dock or open the original PDF (here).

Here the vector files:

Business stand (simple) template

Download the template as .SVG (use “Save Link As…”)

Business stand template

Download the template as .SVG (use “Save Link As…”)

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