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WIP Papertoy: MacTen

My latest papertoy Revolvrr is a great success (at the moment of writing this blog: 1731 downloads)! So what should I do with that knowledge?
Nick Knite suggested that I should make a “Urban protection series”.

I thought about it…. and I think he’s right!
So here a little progress: based upon a MAC 10 here is my papertoy version MacTen.

Original “blueprint” of the MAC10

and my first build (WIP)

And after my first build, I realize that there needs to be a lot of changes to make it as fun as the Revolvrr.
So back to the drawing board, and make it more fun 😀

The model is not ready for download, but let me know how bad you want it (make a comment!!!) and you will be the first (!) to know.
Oh and when your busy commenting, tel me also what should be part (weapons like a Rambo knife, grenade, ….) of the “Urban protection series”!

17 replies on “WIP Papertoy: MacTen”

love the revolverr, good luck with the MAC 10, tricky job making it as fun as the revolverr!
Short and chubby works to make everything funner!

Would like the rambo knife
or how about a .50 cal sniper rifle?

The snipers cool! Maybe not full size? A mini-ish series would be cool. So they can fit on my shelf 🙂

I really love it I want it sooo bad I made the revolvrr and I loved it This will be great sitting on my desk with the revolvrr, I also think you should make a working ballistic knife, now thats a challenge 😉

aww man i LOVE this!! im gonna use this in my up comming video. WHENS THE DOWNLOAD COMMIN?!??!!

Can i haz one please! please i love these things and i just made the revolver. 😀

Hey yo! Just found this, about 2 years later which is sad. But this web page was an awesome help, thanks for the prints buddy!

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