Haxe Open source / Freeware

Pixel Sprite Generator Editor

Recently I ran into this awesome project by Dave Bollinger: Pixel Spaceship (this project is currently not live anymore but still can be viewed via

And I had to build something with it. And build it in 8 hours.

I knew that wouldn’t be to difficult because I found Dave’s project via a haxe port of a javascript port of the original work of Dave.

My plan is to create a random papertoy based upon the principle Dave explains on his website.
And the first thing I needed was something to test my idea in editor so it would be easier to see the result.

And there it is:


check the code on github.

Of course it wasn’t exactly 8 hours, and it’s not finished but it works for the purpose I was building it for.
There are probably a lot of issues with it and currently it only exports to Neko.

But it could be a start of an sprite editor for example 🙂 .

Libs used

* Openfl:
* Haxe procedural sprite generator:
* Haxe port of Keith Peters minimalcomps:

AS3 Flash Open source / Freeware

Lite components from BIT-101: Minimalcomps

Update #1: there has been another update New MinimalComp: WheelNav, but I’m pretty sure I won’t been using this one very much…

I’m using this for some time now, and it’s time to share this with you all: Minimalcomps from BIT-101.

This lite-weight components set is great, I can see what the code is doing, it’s easy to use and its simplicity is beautiful (and I love pixel font in Flash, I should use it more).

Minimal ActionScript 3.0 code only UI components

Do you need some reading material? Some documentation and introduction can be found on Keith Peters (BIT-101) site: read the first post about the Minimalcomps.

But in short:
This are some of the examples (since the first post there are some new components created, but they are not as frequently used as this set);

[swf], 500, 500[/swf]

For lazy readers (and a reminder for myself: the site of BIT-101 doesn’t have a very useful search, and the google code page doesn’t have documentation), here some code to create what you see above not entirely true, but I will keep the code here:
[as collapse=”true”]
var panel:Panel = new Panel(this, stage.stageWidth / 4, stage.stageHeight / 8);
panel.setSize(stage.stageWidth / 2, stage.stageHeight * 3 / 4);

var checkBox:CheckBox = new CheckBox(panel, 20, 20);
checkBox.label = "Check it out!";

var label:Label = new Label(panel, 20, 40);
label.text = "This is a label";

var pushbutton:PushButton = new PushButton(panel, 20, 60);
pushbutton.label = "Push Me!";
pushbutton.width = 100;

var hSlider:HSlider = new HSlider(panel, 20, 90);
var vSlider:VSlider = new VSlider(panel, 130, 20);

var inputText:InputText = new InputText(panel, 20, 110);
inputText.text = "Input Text";

var _progressBar:ProgressBar = new ProgressBar(panel, 20, 140);

var radio1:RadioButton = new RadioButton(panel, 20, 160);
radio1.label = "Choice 1";
var radio2:RadioButton = new RadioButton(panel, 20, 180);
radio2.label = "Choice 2";
var radio3:RadioButton = new RadioButton(panel, 20, 200);
radio3.label = "Choice 3";

var colorchooser:ColorChooser = new ColorChooser(panel, 20, 230);
colorchooser.value = 0xff0000;

This is the code you want to use, to create all the components (minus wheelnav… ) in a document class.
MinimalComps collection
import com.bit101.components.*;
import flash.display.*;

* @author Matthijs Kamstra aka [mck]
public class MainCube extends MovieClip

public function MainCube():void
trace( "MainCube.MainCube" );

var panel:Panel = new Panel(this, 20, 20);
panel.setSize(stage.stageWidth * .75, stage.stageHeight * .75);

var _CheckBox:CheckBox = new CheckBox(panel, 20, 20, "Check it out!");

var _Label:Label = new Label(panel, 20, 40, "This is a label");

var _PushButton:PushButton = new PushButton(panel, 20, 60, "Push Me!");
_PushButton.width = 100;

var _HSlider:HSlider = new HSlider(panel, 20, 90);
var _VSlider:VSlider = new VSlider(panel, 130, 20);

var _VUISlider:VUISlider = new VUISlider(panel, 150, 20, ‘VUISlider’);
_VUISlider.value = 55.5;
var _HUISlider:HUISlider = new HUISlider (panel, 20, 260, ‘HUISlider’);

var _InputText:InputText = new InputText(panel, 20, 110, "Input Text");

var _ProgressBar:ProgressBar = new ProgressBar(panel, 20, 140);
//trace( "_ProgressBar.maximum : " + _ProgressBar.maximum );
_ProgressBar.value = .75;

var radio1:RadioButton = new RadioButton(panel, 20, 160, "Choice 1", true);
var radio2:RadioButton = new RadioButton(panel, 20, 180, "Choice 2");
var radio3:RadioButton = new RadioButton(panel, 20, 200, "Choice 3");

var _ColorChooser:ColorChooser = new ColorChooser(panel, 20, 230, 0xff0000);

var _IndicatorLight:IndicatorLight = new IndicatorLight (panel, 250, 20, 0xff00ff, "IndicatorLight");

var _Knob:Knob = new Knob (panel, 350, 20, "Knob");

var _Meter:Meter = new Meter (panel, 200, 100, "Meter");

var _RotarySelector:RotarySelector = new RotarySelector (panel, 270, 220, "RotarySelector");

var _Text:Text = new Text (panel, 80, 170, "Text what ever you want to place in here");
_Text.setSize (100, 50);


} // end class

} // end package

And it quite easy to create buttons:
var myButton:PushButton = new PushButton(this, 10, 20, onClick);
function onClick (e:Event){
trace (‘onClick’);
// do something else

You can download the MinimalComps set at:
The set includes a CheckBox, PushButton, HSlider, VSlider, InputText, ProgressBar, RadioButton, ColorChooser (text input only) and Panel.

One big fat tip from me:
in the zip you will find a folder named ‘assets’ and in there is a truetype font called ‘pf_ronda_seven.ttf‘. You need to install that on your computer (Windows: C:\WINDOWS\Fonts , Apple: ??) and add it to your Flash file.

How to add a font to the Flash Library

Goto your library, add a “New Font”
Library add New Font
(sorry for the strange looking Flash, it has something to do with my screenshot programm)

Name: “PF Ronda Seven” (you need to spell this exactly as here, without the quotes (“))
Font: search for “PF Ronda Seven”, if you can’t find it, you probably need to restart Flash.
Size: 10

Font Symbol screen
(use this screenshot as an example if you don’t know what I mean)

You need to embed the font from the library into the .FLA : search the font you just created in the library and Right Click >> choose Linkage. Just check “Export for Actionscript” (“Export in first frame” will be activated to). I didn’t change anything, press “OK”

and you done!