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Urban Paper Tokyo Show

I mentioned before that there would be a Urban Paper exhibit in Tokyo organized by Josh McKible (, he posted some pictures here.

Show list

The Urban Paper show opening Sept. 7th at Café Pause in Ikebukuro is the latest stop of an international tour of paper toys first published in the book, Urban Paper. Tour stops have included Los Angles and Arnhem, the Netherlands and after Tokyo, the show will re-open in Rome.

Paper toys have been around for almost as long as paper itself, but what’s new is that paper toys have recently become a medium of choice for young designers. Because paper is cheap, light and recyclable it has become a populist alternative for artists who previously might have released their toys as collectible vinyl figures. Many of the Urban Paper designers make their toys freely available for download on the Web and anyone with access to a printer can easily make and enjoy their very own paper toy. Urban Paper is the first book that collects designs from 26 of these international artists, printed on heavy stock, along with an included DVD of extra materials, that also gives readers designs and ideas on how to make their own paper toys creations.

At the Urban Paper show at Cafe Pause, new paper toys, designed exclusively for the Tokyo stop will be on display, along with posters, postcards and other material. Flat packs of the toys will be on sale, as well as some built models.

Quote from the Flickr page from Josh McKible

Read more at the place where the show is held.

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One-Off Paper Totem! – Urban Paper NL

I wanted to make a custom for Dolly Oblong, but I guess Dolly didn’t want to wait anymore…

At the Urban Paper Toys exhibition at Subwalk in Arnhem (The Netherlands) Dolly asked all designers present to do a custom… on the spot.

One-Off Paper Totem! - Urban Paper NL by Dolly Oblong.

Hand drawn Paper Totem! pieces by the artists participating in the Urban Paper NL show! All pieces were made during the opening 😀

Totem on the left from top to bottom: MCK, Loulou, Nick Knite, Christopher D.
Totem on the right from top to bottom: e440, 3EyedBear, Sjors Trimbach

Cheers heaps guys, lovely meeting you all :)))

As you can see, I’m totally outside my comfort-zone… I don’t sketch a lot, and I think you can see that.
I promise to make a better one! (using my computer 😀 )

Visit Dolly Oblong

It seems that I’m know in the papertoy world as MCK, it should be [mck]… but I can live with that.

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Book Launch and Paper Toy Art Show – Cafe Pause – Tokyo

Urban Paper book has generated another art show, this time in Tokyo!

Urban Paper Poster/Papertoy
Urban Paper Poster/Papertoy

It will be at Café Pause in Ikebukuro and will run from Sept. 7th to the 20th.

Since not everyone who was in the book will be in the show, this is final list of who will be showing:

Jack Hankins
Maarten Janssens
Kenn Munk
Sjors Trimbach
Ringo Krumbiegel
Ben O’Brien
Christopher Bonnettte
Nick Knite
Matthew Hawkins
Matthijs Kamstra (me 🙂 )
Dolly Oblong
Josh McKible

This show is setup by Josh McKible that most people will know as Nanibird.

He create a poster that also is a papertoy, and you can download it
here (save link as)

Urban Paper book Poster-papertoy front
Urban Paper book Poster-papertoy front

Read more here

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URBAN PAPER book launch paper toy art show

URBAN PAPER book launch & paper toy art show

Flyer for URBAN PAPER book launch & paper toy art show at Subwalk

This is probably something for the dutchies reading my blog, but everybody is invited!

Urban Paper
Book launch & Paper Toy Art Show

Expo: 01.08.09 – 30.08.09
Opening: Saturday 01.08.09
Lecture: Friday 21.08.09

Hommelstraat 65
6828 AJ Arnhem
The Netherlands

Meet the dutch artists (Sjors Trimbach, 3EyedBear, E440, Marshall Alexander, LouLou, Illectronics and me) and …. perhaps an visitor from the USA?

The lecture will be given by Sjors Trimbach.

There are more shows coming up:
1-30 August – Subwalk, Arnhem, The Netherlands.
September – Pause, Tokyo, Japan.
No date known – Rivet, Ohio, USA.
October – Scion Lab, Kansas City, USA

And perhaps: Italy – Rome/Milan/Bergamo/Lucca???

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Pre-post about Urban Paper Toy tutorials

One of my most popular post is about how to create papertoys (How to create your own papercraft).
It seems that a lot of people are interested in papertoys and how to make themselves.
On Nice paper toys (NPT) this question pops up now and again on the forum.
You can buy a book about it, if you want to know more about it: Urban paper toys (well you should buy this book anyhow because I’m in it 🙂 ).

But besides my post about this subject you’re on your own…..
Well perhaps not for long! I’ve been playing with this idea for a while now of making a tutorial series about papertoy and how you can make one yourself. That got me thinking….
It seems that people really enjoy making/creating papertoys, so why not make a book about it?

…… hmmm a book, I have never thought about writing a book (grammar is not really my thing, not in English and not in my native tongue), I never wrote a book or designed one (well… not recently).
So I have no idea where this series is taking me, but here it is:

I want to make a “book” about creating/designing Urban Paper toys. But I’m a internet designer/developer, I have no experience with book design, no experience with writing a book and no idea how to do it.
It doesn’t matter, I have my blog. I can write and rewrite as much as I want.
And I have something that a conventional writer doesn’t have: User generated feedback….. (no idea what that means? It’s you giving me comments/advice/whatever and helping me write this “book” by giving comments).

I say “book” because you don’t really need the book, because you can read it on my blog. But for the less internet savy peeps I can create a download link for a e-book or a you can buy a book.
I have searched for options to Self Publish and I found a couple, but these two sites seem to popup the most: and
But before I can think about that, I need to write about papertoys and how they are made.

So this week I’m focusing on how I will do this on my blog.
But in the mean time, use the comments to show me what you want to know

And perhaps we will write a book 🙂

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Shameless selfpromotion

Shameless plug of the book I’m in: Urban Paper