The title says it all, this is a page where you can download paper toys, free of charge.

I wasn’t planning on having a (paper toy) download page again but hey, everything is fluid during the Covid-19 (Corona) virus pandemic.

I noticed that the Corona virus made me less creative so I started to hit “refresh” repeatedly on news websites. To get out of this endless loop, I decided to create something by hand instead of digitally.

Sometimes when you’re stuck creatively, the best thing to do is something that takes zero effort. In my case that is paper toys.

This is the creative, offline stuff I made during the “intelligent lockdown” here in the Netherlands.

Tee Pee Thug

In most countries that are hit by the Corona virus, people started hoarding toilet paper 🧻.

I would have never imagined that my fellow countrymen (the Dutch) would do that... But they did... Here we call it “hamsteren”.

This papertoy is a “tribute” to the hoarders who probably have enough toilet paper to last for months...

🎁 Download Tee Pee Thug papertoy

Paper Mask ART Project

🖼 An ART project about the most discussed solution against COVID-19!/Corona 🤿.

I was looking for an activity away from all the news dominated by Corona news. Customizing a papertoy would be a good place to start. So sad I could not find a papertoy related to Covid-19 (beside the one I made ☝️).

Until I ran into a project by paperpaul on Instagram. (I can't find the post anymore). His Paper Mask template triggered my creativity and resulted in some ART.

⚠️ WARNING: This design does not protect against COVID-19!

I don't believe Paul wanted it to be used as a Papertoy Customs platform but I have gotten a ❤️ on Instagram, so we are good ( 🤔 I guess )..

I have made some adjustments to the design, and added a blank template for you to customize:

Check out Pauls website for more info about his project.


I while back I got a message from someone who is part of the "Toy Sharers Group" from NPT (Nice paper toys) .

This group collects papertoys (and I hope they are building them also) and they were missing one papertoy custom I made: Squeezzrr. This is correct, I never shared this custom publicly.

I can't tell you a lot about this custom: to be honest, I only know Shin Tanaka made the design and it was for a company named Popset?

Anyway 🙄 . They asked if I was willing to share the file.

🎁 Download [mck] custom popset papertoy