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Urban papercraft: e440 squirrels

e440Another Dutchman (Brickboy for example) who’s created a urban papercraft model:

The name puzzled me for a while but e440 ‘explained’ it:
(sorry this is in Dutch…)

KLM Cargo heeft gisteren 440 eekhoorns die vanuit China op doorreis waren naar Griekenland laten afmaken. Daartoe is besloten omdat de vereiste export- en gezondheidsdocumenten ontbraken. ,,Dit is buitengewoon triest”, zegt een woordvoerder van KLM Cargo. ,,We hebben deze maatregel met pijn in ons hart moeten nemen.” [Trouw, dinsdag 13 april 1999]

And in good urban papercraft ‘tradition’ e440 has also a blank template. The only thing you need to do, is send an email and you will receive an .EPS which you can modify

You should of course visit e440 (at least to get the email address) or you can view a little gallery here:

Squirrel example 1
Squirrel example 2
Squirrel example 3
Squirrel example 4
Squirrel example 5
Squirrel example 6
Squirrel example 7
Squirrel example 8

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