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Top 10 notation for Grumm

For a while you can download Grumm on this blog.

Grumm is a paper toy / papercraft / paper model or what ever you want to call it.
Because I’m swamped with work (started a new job) I haven’t got time to spend on Grumm and the promotion of it.

But even without that, Happy Sucks noticed Grumm:
they (??) created a Top 10 Paper Toy for Adults:

Grumm is placed at number 10, and I seem to be in good company:

  1. PP BEAR
  2. Spikey Baby
  3. Mask Hoody
  4. Mr. Robot
  5. Card Boy
  6. Brick Boy
  7. Hand Holders
  8. Big Chief
  9. Nice Bunny
  10. Grumm

Some on this list also can be found on this site

So thanx for the nice top 10 spot!

2 replies on “Top 10 notation for Grumm”

i love all of your papertoys! they are amazing! you better whatch out though because i make papertoys too! although, i haven’t created a website yet so you have got a head start. i know, how about we meet up sometime and show each other our latest creations!! what do you say?!?!?
see you then!!! oh and by the way, i am still at highschool so you will have to email me back and wait till i reply!#see you then!#LOL B-)

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