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Urban papercraft: Phil Toyz

Wow…., what can I say, I hade the same feeling I had when I “found” Shin Tanaka
Phil is a (very) talented papercraft (and probably more then that) designer from Italy, check out his myspace page.

If been checking this incredible urban paper craft creator for a while, but I never noticed the BIG sign (thx toysrevil for pointing it out):

Phil toys

otherwise I would have written about this guy before.
The PhilToy myspace page is not very clear (there is not a lot of information).
And you can’t download the designs for G-Boy or Noise, but you can create a custom design for G-Boy is you send an email to PHIL and a template will be sent to you.

And to start your creativity: here are some designs:

do I need to say more? G-boy if phat!

There is another great design from Phil: Noise

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