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Urban papercraft: Spiky Baby Deluxe series – part 2

Update #1: Im sorry: it seems that the deluxe series is no longer available.

Ric pointed out to me that there is an update on the SPIKY BABY DELUXE SERIES from Shin Tanaka:

This is a special one, you don’t want to mis this series: the master himself is giving some new models away in this download.
Of course the SPIKY BABY are designed by some very talented designers, and you should check them out (see the links below), but I’m a fan, and the models Shin makes are really cool.

So lets take a look at this SPIKE BABY custom:

Don’t know how they are called but the link is called “SMN” and the image “SNKR” (sneaker?)

Link and image is called “TTB”

As other SPIKY BABY series you can download all models at random, but I don’t have the patience to download them all that way.
So I hacked it a little and give you all the links at once:

Update #2: I removed the links, they don’t work: you are too late for the download
  1. 460 374
  2. akira 385
  3. Akishi Nishida 376
  4. BARON UEDA 126
  5. BOUNCE 965
  6. BOX 026
  7. David Horvath 279
  8. DavidFlores 396
  9. eshimasa 854
  10. gumliens 553
  11. HARIKEN 525
  12. HYPER CORE 128
  13. KAIJIN 339
  15. KIMA 962
  16. koraters 204
  17. MOCHIWO 541
  18. mori chack 559
  19. mori chack heavy blood 195
  20. mori chack instinctive 519
  21. NO23 Tomohiro 391
  22. REACH2 828
  23. REACH 609
  24. SHIN 813
  25. T9G 394
  26. Terry 207
  27. TOUMA2 924
  28. TOUMA 107
  29. NEKONOKO 546
  30. CUPCO 1 864
  31. CUPCO 2 956
  32. CUPCO 3 128
  33. CUPCO 4 454
  34. devilrobots 246
  35. MAD 697
  36. DavidFlores blue 769
  37. DavidFlores green 857
  39. VFDR
  40. TTB
  41. SMN G
  42. SMN P
  43. SMN M
  44. BSHITT 754

11 replies on “Urban papercraft: Spiky Baby Deluxe series – part 2”

Thank you for posting the links! 😀

I just clicked on the website a little over 120 times “opening” blind boxesby hitting the back button and clicking open a box over and over. There was 11 designs on your list I had not seen even after clicking over 120 times!

Shin Tanaka makes it frustrating to enjoy his website if a lot of effort only lets us see 75 percent of the designs.

I was hoping to get access to the design of the turntables including the panel of controls between the two turntables. Did you ever get access to that printout ?

It took me a long time just to get access to the printout of the TTB link because my old version of Adobe Reader wouldn’t open it up. So I downloaded the recent verision and even then it requires a download of a Japanese font. So I had to shutdown the running Adobe Reader and everything I had open in my browser before everything worked without any problems. So three cheers for determination! Yay! Yay! Yay!

and Thank you again so much for the links!

Never mind about my question concerning
the panel of controls between the
turntables. I just discovered that the
VFDR link take me to the printout of it.

Around the 150th click of “opening”
blind boxes a turntable finally appeared!

Even after going through 200 blind boxes
on the Shin Tanaka site there are 7 designs
of the 44 that still were not revealed

Omg are all the links dead or am i just too stupid??? I sooo want the turntables!!!

hey can anyone send me a zip file with all of the deluxe series models?

i just now discovered shin’s website as i am becoming interested in papertoys and there is alot of those mods that i like but there is no way to download.

it kinda sucks that his mods are available for a short time. i understand that limited edition can increase hype and demand, but it seems counter productive and uncommunity like to do so with products that we print out ourselves rather than buy pre-assembled.

First: nice that you are interested in papertoys, and we share I common interest: Shin Tanaka.

But I’m sorry COFFELT, because I’m an Urban Paper toy designer myself I need to respect the wishes of Shin Tanaka.
He decided that the series is online for a sort time and after that: it’s gone….

I understand your frustration, but your post here is an example that it works… you are bummed-out that you missed the download window.
And that’s why I don’t agree that is counter productive or uncommunity like.
Btw most papertoy designers don’t work this way, me included.

If you search some more you will find a way to get the series you want, but I can’t help you.

Matthijs Kamstra,

you know I think you are right in your response. I was able to find many of the figures after about 3 hours of searching online… still not all of them though. But that is okay I guess. After researching Tanaka a little more I found out the reasons why he does it that way. I fully understand his reasoning now and I recant my previous comment made in regards to the limitd edition releases issue.

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