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Grizza – a SIZZA custom

I while back I created a custom for SIZZA and I called it GRIZZA.

Why I never posted about it on my blog (well I didn’t like the photos I took of it πŸ˜‰ ), I don’t know… But I did mention it on
Nice Paper Toys so you can find some photo’s and comments there.

I created a promotional poster for Grizza:
Grizza a SIZZA custom by Matthijs C. Kamstra aka [mck]

And few days back Nick posted a download link for GRIZZA, and today he send me an update: 100+ downloads! πŸ™‚ Which seems to be a lot in a short time.
Perhaps it helps that papercraftparadise also wrote about it…

For all the people who wants to download GRIZZA visit the blog of Nick Knite the home of SIZZA

Do you want to know more about SIZZA or Nick Knite, read my post or visit Nick’s site.

Update #1 (Monday 9 June 2008 ): I can’t help myself: I know this is not a contest, but I have beaten Dino-Sizza and Artdenka-design in number of downloads…. Next one in line is NiceBunny (181 downloads)
Update #2 (Wednesday 11 June 2008 ): πŸ˜‰ I know: I’m a sad little man, NiceBunny is passed and Lil’ SIZZA is next (209 downloads). But way think small (it just another 3 downloads) so next one in line is SIZZA – Project Detonate Custom (currently 276) ….. πŸ™‚ Nick mentioned that the numbers of visitors have increased! Thx for downloading this custom!
Update #3 (Monday 16 June 2008 ): Currently Grizza is downloaded 309 times πŸ˜€ …. I have passed SIZZA – Project Detonate Custom. And now it’s time for the big guns: GHOST SIZZA from Matt Hawkins (325 download) and SIZZA – Marshall Alexander custom (416 download). I guess that it will difficult to beat 400+ series, but time will tell. Thx once again for downloading this custom this much!
Update #4 (Monday 7 July 2008 ): Currently Grizza is downloaded 511 times πŸ˜€ …. I asked Nick if there is something to beat any more… It’s the design made by Team Steven (568 downloads) which is more then 1 year online and the original SIZZA.