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WIP working title flowboy

I’ve been working/experimenting with a curvy papermodel

Because I thought it could be curvier I made an evolution version:

I’m not totally happy with the second model, but I’ve been working to long on it to just throw it away.
So I’m letting you guys/girls decide:

Which one is better?

Model #1

Model #2

and why is that model better?

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I like the mechanics of both versions and think you should use them separately. Use one for the Flowboy project and use the second for a different project.

I actually like #1 better for Flowboy because it fits the head bit better. If you had a segmented head it would make sense to use #2.

I would love to play with both sets of parts if you put them out on .PDF

– Jon

PS – I love your work.

thx Jon
I think you are the first Tattooed biker that likes my work. 🙂

I will only use one model to make a skin for.
But if you want to have the WIP pdf files, I can send them to you.

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