Server problems – part 2

Update #1: my bad… I accused my host that my headers didn’t work anymore, but it’s something different (the sIFR file needed updating).

My host has moved my website to another server.
First you couldn’t even find my website, that problem was fixed…
But the last couple of days people mentioned that my site only worked on the homepage but when they searched, selected a category or even skip to older post my website freezes (a server timeout)…

Fist I thought it was something that I did (so I upgrade WordPress to be sure) but after a little mail to my host they fixed it.

The only thing not working is my headers (they are now html instead of flash-headers)…
Oh well, the site doesn’t freezes and it is usable/ readable…

Once again, my apologies if you visited my website, and it didn’t work. 😉


Server problems

Sorry, all I can say.

Since Saturday my host is trying to move my site from one server to another.
Not everything is going as it suppose to go (Murphy’s law).

So if you visited my site and it’s wasn’t here (hmmm: you will never read this then) or takes really long to load: I’m sorry about this.
Luckily is my site is up again (from Monday :: with some glitches here and there), but my email, and ftp (only my problem… 🙁 ) is not working as it should.


Upgrading WordPress 2.6

Today I upgraded to WordPress 2.6.

I followed the instructions how to upgrading WordPress and this has never failed… till today 🙁 .

This is what happened: I upgraded and everything was oke. I could login, the upgrading of the database worked fine. I could see my post, pages, etc, etc in the admin and edit them.
So I checked out my homepage: and everything was as it should: mission completed…. NOT!! 🙁

Every link to another page didn’t work, you can navigate by “older post” but not with “recent posts” or the title of the post.

It took me some time to find the correct way to search about this problem: it has something to do with the permalinks. In all cases, these people have permalink structures that contain “index.php”.
Example: “

Still no idea? Go to your “[your WordPress install]/wp-admin/options-permalink.php” (Customize Permalink Structure) and you will probable see that you don’t have the default setting ( :: no “index.php”) but have chosen something else (in my case: [x] Day and name — )

I found the explanation here: 2.6 Permalink issues with “index.php” and in my case the second option worked.

2. If you need/want the index.php to be there, then on the Settings->Permalinks screen, add some values in for the category and tag bases. The words “category” and “tag” will do just fine. As long as they are not blank, this should work around the bug.

This is bug in WordPress 2.6, read more about it here: It will be fixed in the next version (2.6.1)

But for now you can make your WordPress work again: visit your “[your WordPress install]/wp-admin/options-permalink.php” (Customize Permalink Structure) and fill in the two boxes at the bottom with “category” and “tag

happy blogging


WordPress 2.5 image upload error

I couldn’t upload images since I upgraded to WordPress 2.5.
All I got was an HTTP error, very strange.

WordPress 2.5 - image uplaod - HTTP error

I hoped that the WordPress 2.5.1 update would fix this problem, but it didn’t.
Luckily there are people who also had this problem, and know who to fix it:
wordpress 25 image upload error wordpress fix

I can’t explain what it does, but now I can upload images again 🙂

Flash Improvement Misc Urban papercraft

Separate RSS feeds Papercraft and Flash

Because I talk about two topics on my blog that have absolutely nothing to do with each other I created (well, WordPress provided it) two separate RSS feeds for Urban papercraft and Flash.

Custom RSS Links


Illustration by Enkeling

A illustration a friend of mine did for Parool Magazine:

Enkeling‘s interpretation of Gadget Freak:

Gadget Freak

It’s me with a papercraft Tetsujin (sadly enough the site is no longer available)


Some different styles for my logo



Top 10 Hot Dutch Companies

More a post for the company I work for (Fabrique): IN10 Bureau Top 10.

It’s in dutch, so if your interested: we are runner-up. And second place is first place losers so next year we are #1.

Misc Open source / Freeware

Starting with WordPress and blogging

Oke you have a fresh WordPress installed, your ready to go…

And then you ask yourself: am I ready for blogging?
Is this all I need, is there something I’m forgetting?

Well if I may give you 3 4 tips: 3 4 wordpress plugins I am using and are extremly usefull.
You could call it my “Top 3 4 WordPress plugins” and yes I know that a lot of people can come up to a total of 10 WordPress plugins but for now I’m not using more than these 3 4.

  1. Askimet
    A plugin for keeping spam from your blog. This plugin will save you a lot of time once your blog is visited (indexed) by a search-engine.
  2. WP-slimstat
    Is a statistic plugin. And I must confess: I am a slimstat junkie! This is the first thing I do when I’m logged in. And I can get this information straight from my WordPress administration interface. Read more about it.
  3. WordPress Database Backup
    A plugin you use to backup your database. And this is the most important of blogging: the stuff you write. It’s accesable from your WordPress administration interface. In WordPress 2.0 the WordPress Database Backup is include by default.

Update #1: After writing about wp-cron I came across some discussion about wp-db-backup, and it seems to be removed from the default WordPress package. Hmmm, it doesn’t matter: I still recommend this plugin!

I Askimet
I WordPress Database Backup and wp-cron

Misc Open source / Freeware

Essential Fonts for Designers – 300 free truetype fonts you should have

A while back I found (or somebody posted in a blog …) a link to a site where a designer posted 300 free truetype fonts.
I was interested so I bookmarked it, but for some reason I didn’t downloaded any of the fonts.
Probably because I have my set of favorite fonts.
But after a while a became curious if the designer had a nice set of free fonts I could recommend to my friends. I couldn’t find the site in my bookmarks but that was because the site wasn’t the site I remembered (
And nobody on the internet could give me the list the designer posted. So after some digging in Internet Archive: Wayback Machine a found the list, but the url’s didn’t work any more.
So I did the best I could do, I made it possible to view the list en find the freeware font with google.

For this purpose I have made an oldkool frameset frameset which makes it easier to search for the fonts.

And if you want to help me to create a complete ZIP; you can find my hotmail email address here to send your files.

Remember this: I have no idea who the designer is/was, and his/her choice of font are not necessary my choice of fonts.

Update #1: Vitaly Friedman has a very good list of serious license-free fonts, check it out!.
Update #2: And Vitaly Friedman has also a very good list of 25 best license free pixelfonts, he is doing a hell of a job.