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Custmm Grumm – AI 2 Array

Another experiment towards Custmm Grumm. This time my task was to export/import an Illustrator file to Flash…

Yeah, yeah; I know: you say “import to stage” … correct! 😉
But what I need is the shape converted to code (coordinates in the x-direction and y-direction)..
Ha, you stopped grinning!

Well the first part is correct.
You need to import the file to the stage and give every imported shape it’s own layer.
This is something that you don’t want to do by hand (I didn’t want to 😉 ), so I wrote a jsfl that fixes that for you (read my post about it here: object-to-layer-jsfl)

After that you need to extract the values (x and y-positions form the corners of the shapes) of the files. Some thing, you don’t want that to do by hand: I have written a jsfl who does that. (read more about that here: shape-2-array-jsfl )

If you use these two scripts, you get: all imported shapes in different layers, and you can extract all values.
Example of the array:
var shapeArrayz:Array = new Array ();
shapeArrayz[0] = [[20.05,169.5,0] , [62.425,169.5,1] , [104.8,169.5,2] , [104.8,169.5,0] , [104.8,211.85,1] , [104.8,254.2,2] , [104.8,254.2,0] , [62.425,254.2,1] , [20.05,254.2,2] , [20.05,254.2,0] , [20.05,211.85,1] , [20.05,169.5,2]];
// etc…
This array off point can be used to generate the shape you just “traced”.

Generated shapes from an Array

This script (below) is used to generate the points (every line has 3 points, the beginning, the end and one inbetween), and the generated shape on the right side (no points, only the shape):
var shapeArray:Array = [];

// visualize the points
function createPoints2 (_pointArray:Array) {
shapeArray = [];
var point:MovieClipInLibraryWithLinkageName;
for (var i=0; i<_pointArray.length; i++) {
point = new MovieClipInLibraryWithLinkageName();
point.x = _pointArray[i][0];
point.y = _pointArray[i][1];
var switchExpression:uint = _pointArray[i][2];
switch (switchExpression) {
case 0 :
//trace (0);
point.alpha = .5;
shapeArray.push ([_pointArray[i][0],_pointArray[i][1]]);
case 1 :
//trace (1);
point.scaleX = point.scaleY = .5;
case 2 :
//trace (2);
point.alpha = .5;
point.scaleX = point.scaleY = .3;
default :
trace ("Not 0, 1, or 2");
addChild (point);


// draw the new extracted image
function drawArray (_arr:Array) {
// trace ("drawArray ");
var _shape:Shape = new Shape(); (1, 0x333333, 1); (0xcccccc); (_arr[0][0], _arr[0][1]); // starting point
for (var i=1; i<=_arr.length; i+=3) { (_arr[i][0], _arr[i][1] , _arr[i+1][0], _arr[i+1][1]);
// (_arr[i+1][0], _arr[i+1][1]);
} ();
this.drawContainer_mc.addChild (_shape);

// jumpstart everything
function init (){
for (var j=0; j<shapeArrayz.length; j++) {
// trace(shapeArrayz[j])
createPoints2 (shapeArrayz[j]);
drawArray (shapeArrayz[j]);
init ();


Update #1: I previously used point_mc in the code. That was a movieClip in the library with a linkage name. I changed it in the code, I hope that helps.

Eventually I will use the points, and generated shapes to modify the shape (move a point, create a new shape) and/or to add points.

AS3 Custmm Grumm Grumm Urban papercraft

Custmm Grumm – Selection tool

Custmm Grumm is a project that I will be working on in my spare time.
I will try to build a online tool for creating custom skins and modifying a Grumm.
It’s will be created in Flash (AS3).

The first research I did is selection, and how it works with shapes.
What it does:

  • select an item with one click
  • select an item by dragging (mouse down, mouse up)
  • select multiple items with dragging

What it doesn’t do:

  • shift add a selected item to the current selected items
  • shift click/drag deselect items

A direct link to the file: selectionTool v01

AS3 Custmm Grumm Grumm Urban papercraft

Custmm Grumm – The project

This will be my most ambitious project in my spare time: Custmm Grumm!

Custmm Grumm

What is Custmm Grumm?

When I created Grumm, I had no plans with the moody fellow. But after I got invited to participate in a book about papertoys I started to think about the future of papertoys (and Grumm).

Two of those thoughts about the future is the base of this project: you should be able to modify/create a papermodel without expensive software or specialized knowledge.

Papertoys are, more then vinyl toys, difficult to customize. You need knowledge of image or vector programs link Photoshop or Illustrator. Besides the knowledge of these programs, you also need the program them selfs, which is not cheap. Another bump in customizing is the flat version of the model: the simple papertoys are not that difficult to understand, but the more complex models with more parts, it’s difficult to know which part goes where and how it will look.
It would be nice that you could create a custom skin and modify the model yourself.

Creating a custom skin for a model is done before: papercritters but modifying the model to isn’t.

I will try to make Custmm Grumm in Flash (AS3) so that it’s possible to create a custom skin and modify the model (with some restrictions of course)…

I had a discussion about this project on Nice Paper Toys if you want to know some more about the rocky start of this project.