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Flash experiments: Debug Button

Update #1: it seems that to much data makes this button not function, so I toned it down a little

For FlashBox I was looking for a way to get more/better feedback from the users when they report a bug.

It started with:

function submitBug (target_mc:MovieClip) {
	for(var i in target_mc) {
		trace ( 'key: ' + i + ', value: ' + target_mc[i]);

But I’ve extended it, with other usefull information (stage-width/height, url, framenumber, etc);
And in combination with FlashBox (or in combination with the Browser detect – by Peter-Paul Koch [quirksmode]) you also can get the Operating system (I can get that too with Flash), Browser name (not possible with Flash) and version-number of the browser (also not possible with Flash)

With this information it should be easier to debug….

To export the data to me I used the lowest tech solution I could think of:

getURL ("");

Just give it a try:

[swf], 220 ,70[/swf]