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Convert SWF to AVI – part 3

Update #1: when I wrote this post, this all worked… And I have good hope that the site will return. For now I can only say: try again later…. šŸ™
Update #2: well the site didn’t return: it’s as dead as a doorknob … that’s too bad. I couldn’t find a place where you can download it now, so I searched my external harddrive if I had the original zip-file, and I did. So you can download the file at
Update #3: Today I needed this for a good export to AVI and found out that swfdrop only works if the animation is on the main (root) timeline… so I used the trick introduced by swf2avi > read more here

Flash is not very good in converting animations in to AVI’s because you lose the animations in the nested movieclips. You can export to .MOV but that’s not a native Windows video codex.

So you want to convert a SWF to AVI (SWF2AVI) or another videofile/codex (without spending any cash)?
As the title of this post suggest: I have written about this subject before: in part 1 and part 2.

And I found a new freeware tool to help you convert your SWF:
SWF DROP: Version 0.9c

Download: it think this program is very useful, but the creators think different and killed the original site. I still have the original and that one can be downloaded here:
Remember: I have nothing to do with this program, I only think it’s useful.

This project is also freeware and more up-to-date: October 2007 (swf2avi is last updated in 27-08-2002 & swf>>avi is last update in 07.20.2005).

“SWFDROP” is the SWF converter for Windows to convert Flash SWF file format to AVI format. It’s the best tool to successfully convert any Flash 6/7/8/9 SWF file into a video AVI file that you can play with Windows Media Player (or any video player), where all other tools don’t work. These, along with a variety of video encoding options, make SWFDROP the best choice for you productivity!

A little preview: you can figure it out, trust me.

It’s very easy to use, you can use the codex installed on you computer and it’s very fast

Create a movie that will load the movie that you want to export.

  • make this movie the same size as the original
  • use the same frame rate
  • only difference with to movie you want to load is the number of frames: use the number that you want (for example: 1000)

Because swf2avi is based upon as2, this code is also as2
// code in frame 1
loadMovieNum(‘name_of_the_movie_you_want_to_render.swf’, 1);

Design Open source / Freeware

Free PDF viewer

Most of the time you can download papercraft stuff in .JPG or .PDF, and I just realized that I never have written about .PDF.

So here we go: I will only explain how to view a .PDF file, not how to create one. All pdf reader here are for free, if you need to pay for them is that because then you get the option to edit the pdf, and that is not what I want to cover here…

First of course we have to mention the mothership: Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
I use this one when I need to be sure that complex patterns in some of my illustrations are visible without errors. It’s for Windows, Apple, Linux and many more. Downside is the extreme size: 33.5MB.

Adobe Acrobat Profession

So I have two smaller pdf-reader who are very good, and I use it for almost anything because it’s faster and small footprint.

This is the one I use: Foxit Reader. You can use it on a memory stick, it’s made for Windows and Linux and I love it. In the past I had some “bugs” in prints that I made (didn’t show the pattern correctly) but that sort of bugs seems to disappear as this program gets worked on more and more. When I started using this program it was 1MB, now it’s 2.5MB and the bugs I had before are now disappeared.


The other one I want to mentions is Sumatra PDF. This is the one I use on my memory-stick. This pfd reader is the smallest to download: 1.2MB. It’s only a Window application and it’s a minimalistic design. Simplicity has a higher priority than a lot of features.


Design Open source / Freeware

List of good, free Graffiti fonts

I wanted to write about this for a long time (about a year now). A list of good, free graffiti fonts.
But I’m not really into fonts, so it seems out-of-place on this blog.

Recently I needed a good free graffiti font, and saw that there was nobody who had made that list. Well that’s not entirely true, I found one: 12-fantastically-free-graffiti-fonts/ but I don’t agree with this list.

So instead of complaining about lists that other people make, I will start my own.
I used dafont to find the font used here, because every free font ends up there.

When I see designers using a graffiti font, they tend to use: Aaaiight!/Aaaight! fat, 5cent or Bring tha noize. Although they are nice, there are better graffiti fonts.

As every list is a personal reflection of the list-makers own taste and this list is made with stuff I like.
I like the condensed, tightly spaced, big marker tags and that’s what I like in the fonts. But I’m also a designer and it’s difficult to explain to your boss, that the font is “dope” but nobody can read the message. So I also looked at lower case, upper case, if it’s more a headline font or a body font, if it’s readable, the fonts has numbers, special characters, and that is use with a very scientific method to come to this list (my guts).

But I must say, I understand why nobody ever made this list… there are not a lot of good, complete fonts out there. Probably because good graffiti artists don’t go sit down and create a font for us, they are out there creating art! To everybody on this list (and not on this list), thanks for the free fonts and the time spend on making the font.

My list is cut up in two parts:

  1. tag fonts
  2. piece fonts

Tag fonts

A “tag” is the most basic writing of an artist’s name in either spray paint or marker. A graffiti writer’s tag is his or her personalized signature.

source Wikipedia

#7. Hardkaze

Hardkaze by Pizzadude


  • Only Upper case. Special characters. Number
  • Readable from font size 18, good for body text and headers

[mck] This is the font that graphic designer should have chosen if he didn’t know better. It’s close to a normal handwriting and I get a “comic” vibe of it. It’s not graffiti enough, but better than the previous fonts.

#6. Vandalism

Vandalism by Julien Saurin


  • Only upper case. Special characters
  • Number
  • Readable from font size 24, the bigger the better readable
  • headline fon

[mck] Really awesome font, but this one is probably not readable for “normal” viewer. But it’s freaking awesome!.

#5. Searfont

Searfont by bartolD & Sear


  • Only upper case.
  • Special characters
  • Number
  • Readable from font size 36, the bigger the better readable
  • headline font

[mck] Really awesome font, but this one is probably not readable for “normal” viewer. But it’s freaking awesome!.

#4. Whoa!

Whoa! by Johan Waldenström


  • Only upper case.
  • Limited special characters (!*?).
  • No Number
  • Readable from font size 18, the bigger the better readable, headline font

[mck] Wow!

#3. Tagster

Tagster by SDFonts


  • Only upper case.
  • Limited special characters (!*?;:”‘)
  • No Number
  • Readable from font size 24, the bigger the better readable
  • headline font

[mck] Could easily have been number 2, but it’s not complete.

#2. IllegalEdding

Illegal Edding by Maurice van de Stouwe


  • Only upper case. Special characters
  • Number
  • Readable from font size 18, good for body text and header

[mck] And from now a graphic designer should use this font. Love this one! And it has a complete font set

#1. PhillySans

Philly Sans by Kosal Sen

  • Write in lower case, but the effect is uppercase (no upper case, lower is upper case)
  • No Numbers
  • no special character
  • Readable from font size 18, good for body text and header

[mck] Very clean, readable, and still it has a graffiti vibe. It shouldn’t have been number 1 because it has a very limited character set, but I love this font.

Piece fonts

A “piece” is a more elaborate representation of the artist’s name, incorporating more stylized “block” or “bubble” letters, using three or more colors. This of course is done at the expense of timeliness and increases the likelihood of the artist getting caught.
These pieces are often harder to read by non-graffiti artists as the letters merge into one another in an often undecipherable manner.

source wikipedia

If you need to make a piece in a design, you can also use the tag fonts, but never the other way around!

#6. Throw-up Font

Throw-up Font by Graffilia Fetén

Throw-up Font

  • Only upper case
  • No special characters (except !)
  • No Number
  • Readable from font size 36, the bigger the better readable
  • headline font

[mck] This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have a throw-up font. I’m having trouble reading it.:(

#5. Cancontrol

Cancontrol by Johan Waldenström


  • Only upper case.
  • No special characters (except !).
  • No Number
  • Readable from font size 36, the bigger the better readable
  • headline font

[mck] Nice one

#4. Aerosol

Aerosol by Bright Ideas


  • Only upper case
  • Special characters
  • Number
  • Readable from font size 24, the bigger the better readable
  • headline font

[mck] This font is made to color in. Not my style, but very nice!

#3. Homeboy

Homeboy by Johan Waldenström


  • Only upper case
  • No special characters (except !).
  • No Number
  • Readable from font size 36, the bigger the better readable
  • headline font

[mck] Nice one

#2. Zit Graffiti

Zit Graffiti by Olivier “Zitoune” D.


  • Only upper case (there is a difference between upper and lower case: upper case is an outline character).
  • Limited special characters (!)
  • No Number
  • Readable from font size 24, the bigger the better readable
  • headline fon

[mck] A oldskool graffiti font. Nice

#1. Bboy

B-Boy by Johan Waldenström


  • Only upper case.
  • Limited special characters (!).
  • No Number
  • Readable from font size 24, the bigger the better readable
  • headline font

[mck] A very oldskool graffiti font, I like this one very much.

Update #1: I just read this post about
44 Free Stylish Graffiti Fonts for Designers
on NaldzGraphics. It’s a big list of free graffiti fonts: the same comments that I mentioned earlier goes for this list: it a list with all available free graffiti fonts out there…
Update #2: With a little help from google this popped up:
20 Free Graffiti Fonts You Should Already Have. I think a list with “Urban Hook-Ups”, “Detroit Ghetto” or “Raslani Underground” is not a list that is created with love…

At Over 30 free high quality graffiti fonts I found one that is worth looking into: “KZ Gravity

I found my font at, but there are some nice font to be found at which I need to do (some time :P)
This one tricked me into it:
Sadly the font is copy of the image you see here, and the sizes are to radical. would be awesome I think

Update #3: found another free graffiti font list: 50 Free Graffiti Fonts for Urban Artworks. The same applies to this is list what I mentioned before: it’s a list with a lot of fonts that range from good to very bad.
But in this list 3 fonts from (yes, I need to search there for some addition to my dafont list).
The first is Sprayerz Font by beraka
Sprayerz Font
KevoeWestFont by KevoeWest
Crawn Fat by beraka
Crawn Fat

Misc Open source / Freeware WordPress Plugin

Headers broken again: sIFR update

My Flash rendered headers didn’t work after my host transferred my site to another server.
Well in retrospect it’s easy to blame it on the host (sorry guys), but the fault was/is simpler.

I had this problem before : firefox and sifr dont play nice, and just as last time I blamed the wrong person again: not my host but the new Flash Player version 10 killed my sIFR headers…

That would explain why I see my headers at home but not at my work (I didn’t upgrade to Flash Player 10 at home).

The solution is very simple: visit and download the latest version of sifr (2.0.7).

Find your sIFR javascript file and check if it’s 2.0.5 or higher:

If you are upgrading from sIFR 2.0.5 or 2.0.6, you must upgrade the sifr.js JavaScript file.

and overwrite it…

And that’s it.
So do you recognize this situation: update the Flash Player recently/ your sIFR headers work on one computer but not on another/ sIFR works in IE and not in Firefox (or the other way around)/ Flash headers are now html headers …. update your sIFR!

For the people that don’t know sIFR:

sIFR is meant to replace short passages of plain browser text with text rendered in your typeface of choice, regardless of whether or not your users have that font installed on their systems. It accomplishes this by using a combination of JavaScript, CSS, and Flash, which renders the font. It degrades gracefully if Flash is not present. sIFR 3 is open source and licensed under the CC-GNU LGPL.

And I use the WordPress plugin CG-FlashyTitles.

AS3 AS3 migration Flash Open source / Freeware

From AS2 to AS3 – Where did it go – setRGB

Update #1: It seems that .setRGB () has been deprecated in favor of the flash.geom.ColorTransform class. So a little as2 update.

In some cases I can’t help thinking that AS3 hasn’t made our live easier.
The same happened with the change that happened from the AS2 setRGB to AS3.

Specifies an RGB color for a Color object.


This is what the ActionScript 2.0 Migration has to say about this:

ActionScript 2.0 ActionScript 3.0 Comments
setRGB() Method flash.geom.ColorTransform.color The RGB color value can be set by using the color accessor property of the ColorTransform class.

ActionScript 2 example code:
// AS2 Code
var my_color:Color = new Color(my_mc);
my_color.setRGB(0xFF0000); // my_mc turns red

Another AS2 example because: “The Color class has been deprecated in favor of the flash.geom.ColorTransform class.”
// AS2 Code (The Color class has been deprecated in favor of the flash.geom.ColorTransform class.)
import flash.geom.ColorTransform;

var colorTrans:ColorTransform = new ColorTransform();
colorTrans.rgb = 0xFF0000;
var trans:Transform = new Transform( my_mc);
trans.colorTransform = colorTrans;[/as]

and the same code in ActionScript 3:
// AS3 code
import flash.geom.ColorTransform;

// Changes my_mc’s color to red.
var newColorTransform:ColorTransform = my_mc.transform.colorTransform;
newColorTransform.color = 0xff0000;
my_mc.transform.colorTransform = newColorTransform;

More code to write, for something that I don’t use very much. The next time I need to change an Objects color I probably need to search the solution on the web…

No, I going to fix this in a neat little package:
Save this file into: ‘nl.matthijskamstra.utils’
* Color (AS3), version 1.0
* Enter description here

*  ____                   _      ____ 
* |  __| _ __ ___    ___ | | __ |__  |
* | |   | '_ ` _ \  / __|| |/ /    | |
* | |   | | | | | || (__ |   <     | |
* | |__ |_| |_| |_| \___||_|\_\  __| |
* |____|                        |____|

* @class : Color
* @author : Matthijs C. Kamstra [mck]
* @version : 1.0 - class creation (AS3)
* @since : 11-5-2008 0:22
package nl.matthijskamstra.utils {

import flash.display.*;
import flash.geom.ColorTransform;

public class Color {

// Constants:
public static var CLASS_REF = nl.matthijskamstra.utils.Color;
public static var CLASS_NAME : String = "Color";
public static var LINKAGE_ID : String = "nl.matthijskamstra.utils.Color";

* Constructor
* @usage import nl.matthijskamstra.utils.Color; // import
* var __Color:Color = new Color ( this );
* @param $targetObj a reference to a movie clip or object
public function Color( $targetObj:DisplayObject=null, $colorValue:uint = 0xff3333) {
// trace ( LINKAGE_ID + ' class instantiated');
if ($targetObj == null) { return; }
var newColorTransform:ColorTransform = $targetObj.transform.colorTransform;
newColorTransform.color = $colorValue;
$targetObj.transform.colorTransform = newColorTransform;

//////////////////////////////////////// Static ///////////////////////////////////////

static public function setRGB( $targetObj:DisplayObject = null, $colorValue:uint = 0xff3333) {
return new Color ( $targetObj, $colorValue);

} // end class

} // end package

And now I hope you will never have to look for it again
Happy AS3 šŸ˜‰

AS3 Flash Open source / Freeware

Lite components from BIT-101: Minimalcomps

Update #1: there has been another update New MinimalComp: WheelNav, but I’m pretty sure I won’t been using this one very much…

I’m using this for some time now, and it’s time to share this with you all: Minimalcomps from BIT-101.

This lite-weight components set is great, I can see what the code is doing, it’s easy to use and its simplicity is beautiful (and I love pixel font in Flash, I should use it more).

Minimal ActionScript 3.0 code only UI components

Do you need some reading material? Some documentation and introduction can be found on Keith Peters (BIT-101) site: read the first post about the Minimalcomps.

But in short:
This are some of the examples (since the first post there are some new components created, but they are not as frequently used as this set);

[swf], 500, 500[/swf]

For lazy readers (and a reminder for myself: the site of BIT-101 doesn’t have a very useful search, and the google code page doesn’t have documentation), here some code to create what you see above not entirely true, but I will keep the code here:
[as collapse=”true”]
var panel:Panel = new Panel(this, stage.stageWidth / 4, stage.stageHeight / 8);
panel.setSize(stage.stageWidth / 2, stage.stageHeight * 3 / 4);

var checkBox:CheckBox = new CheckBox(panel, 20, 20);
checkBox.label = &quot;Check it out!&quot;;

var label:Label = new Label(panel, 20, 40);
label.text = &quot;This is a label&quot;;

var pushbutton:PushButton = new PushButton(panel, 20, 60);
pushbutton.label = &quot;Push Me!&quot;;
pushbutton.width = 100;

var hSlider:HSlider = new HSlider(panel, 20, 90);
var vSlider:VSlider = new VSlider(panel, 130, 20);

var inputText:InputText = new InputText(panel, 20, 110);
inputText.text = &quot;Input Text&quot;;

var _progressBar:ProgressBar = new ProgressBar(panel, 20, 140);

var radio1:RadioButton = new RadioButton(panel, 20, 160);
radio1.label = &quot;Choice 1&quot;;
var radio2:RadioButton = new RadioButton(panel, 20, 180);
radio2.label = &quot;Choice 2&quot;;
var radio3:RadioButton = new RadioButton(panel, 20, 200);
radio3.label = &quot;Choice 3&quot;;

var colorchooser:ColorChooser = new ColorChooser(panel, 20, 230);
colorchooser.value = 0xff0000;

This is the code you want to use, to create all the components (minus wheelnav… ) in a document class.
MinimalComps collection
import com.bit101.components.*;
import flash.display.*;

* @author Matthijs Kamstra aka [mck]
public class MainCube extends MovieClip

public function MainCube():void
trace( &quot;MainCube.MainCube&quot; );

var panel:Panel = new Panel(this, 20, 20);
panel.setSize(stage.stageWidth * .75, stage.stageHeight * .75);

var _CheckBox:CheckBox = new CheckBox(panel, 20, 20, &quot;Check it out!&quot;);

var _Label:Label = new Label(panel, 20, 40, &quot;This is a label&quot;);

var _PushButton:PushButton = new PushButton(panel, 20, 60, &quot;Push Me!&quot;);
_PushButton.width = 100;

var _HSlider:HSlider = new HSlider(panel, 20, 90);
var _VSlider:VSlider = new VSlider(panel, 130, 20);

var _VUISlider:VUISlider = new VUISlider(panel, 150, 20, ‘VUISlider’);
_VUISlider.value = 55.5;
var _HUISlider:HUISlider = new HUISlider (panel, 20, 260, ‘HUISlider’);

var _InputText:InputText = new InputText(panel, 20, 110, &quot;Input Text&quot;);

var _ProgressBar:ProgressBar = new ProgressBar(panel, 20, 140);
//trace( &quot;_ProgressBar.maximum : &quot; + _ProgressBar.maximum );
_ProgressBar.value = .75;

var radio1:RadioButton = new RadioButton(panel, 20, 160, &quot;Choice 1&quot;, true);
var radio2:RadioButton = new RadioButton(panel, 20, 180, &quot;Choice 2&quot;);
var radio3:RadioButton = new RadioButton(panel, 20, 200, &quot;Choice 3&quot;);

var _ColorChooser:ColorChooser = new ColorChooser(panel, 20, 230, 0xff0000);

var _IndicatorLight:IndicatorLight = new IndicatorLight (panel, 250, 20, 0xff00ff, &quot;IndicatorLight&quot;);

var _Knob:Knob = new Knob (panel, 350, 20, &quot;Knob&quot;);

var _Meter:Meter = new Meter (panel, 200, 100, &quot;Meter&quot;);

var _RotarySelector:RotarySelector = new RotarySelector (panel, 270, 220, &quot;RotarySelector&quot;);

var _Text:Text = new Text (panel, 80, 170, &quot;Text what ever you want to place in here&quot;);
_Text.setSize (100, 50);


} // end class

} // end package

And it quite easy to create buttons:
var myButton:PushButton = new PushButton(this, 10, 20, onClick);
function onClick (e:Event){
trace (‘onClick’);
// do something else

You can download the MinimalComps set at:
The set includes a CheckBox, PushButton, HSlider, VSlider, InputText, ProgressBar, RadioButton, ColorChooser (text input only) and Panel.

One big fat tip from me:
in the zip you will find a folder named ‘assets’ and in there is a truetype font called ‘pf_ronda_seven.ttf‘. You need to install that on your computer (Windows: C:\WINDOWS\Fonts , Apple: ??) and add it to your Flash file.

How to add a font to the Flash Library

Goto your library, add a “New Font”
Library add New Font
(sorry for the strange looking Flash, it has something to do with my screenshot programm)

Name: “PF Ronda Seven” (you need to spell this exactly as here, without the quotes (“))
Font: search for “PF Ronda Seven”, if you can’t find it, you probably need to restart Flash.
Size: 10

Font Symbol screen
(use this screenshot as an example if you don’t know what I mean)

You need to embed the font from the library into the .FLA : search the font you just created in the library and Right Click >> choose Linkage. Just check “Export for Actionscript” (“Export in first frame” will be activated to). I didn’t change anything, press “OK”

and you done!

Design Flash Open source / Freeware

Print 2 PDF

I have been using this for some time now: sometimes you need to export something generated in Flash to a (vector) file. Another name for this post could be: Flash2PDF, Flash to PDF, SWF2PDF, SWF to PDF, Export2PDF, Export to PDF….. you catch my drift šŸ™‚
And the solution is very simple: just print a .PDF!

What is PDF?

Portable Document Format (PDF) lets you capture and view robust informationā€”from any application, on any computer system.

from the creators: Adobe

Read the explanation from wikipedia

How does it work?

You need to download (and install) a program: PDFCreator. PDFCreator is opensource: which means a lot, but the only thing you need to know for now is that it’s free.

PDFCreator is a free tool to create PDF files from nearly any Windows application.

After you install it, you can print PDF files from every program: print a document, choose the printer with the name “PDF Creator” and print.
Print screen PDF Creator

Apple doesn’t need a special program for that; it’s already build in: read more about that here
(can’t tell you much about Mac… I own one, but it’s old so I don’t work on it anymore)

Animation Flash Open source / Freeware Tools of the trade

Convert SWF to AVI – part2

How to convert a SWF to an AVI (without spending any cash)? I have written about this question before [Covert SWF to AVI (SWF2AVI or SWFtoAVI)] and my answer was back then: swf2avi, a freeware project by Mario Pizzinini.
SWF2AVI is not an active project (last update from 2002-08-27), but does the job very well.
I’ve used it a couple of times, and when you know who this program works, you get the result you need.

Back then I didn’t have an alternative, but I do now!

And the alternative, in my opinion, is better and more user friendly:
swf avi convert screenshot


is a more recent project (the last update is from 2005-07-20), and does the same thing as swf2avi but has some extra very handy features:

  • Drag and drop files in the converter
  • Play the file in a small popup
  • Select an output folder
  • Set output frame rate
  • Batch Convert: convert more then one SWF to AVI
  • Profiles: you can create custom conversion profiles whereto the SWF can be exported (captures size, output size, frame rate and rotation)

But it doesn’t convert sound and interactive animations may not be properly converted

It’s an freeware program, which does what it says: it converts SWF to (uncompressed) AVI. So if you need a compressed version of your animation you need another program to do that (something to write about in another post). SWF>>AVI is a Windows program which needs Microsoft .Net Framework (it will be automatically downloaded and installed if required).

The same rules (code) apply to SWF>>AVI as it did with SWF2AVI
It’s smart to use frame based animation, although it seems that SWF>>AVI is faster in grabbing the images, so timebased animation is can be an option if you don’t care for an exact export.
Otherwise use the code posted here for you convenience:

Flash FlashBox Open source / Freeware WordPress Plugin

FlashBox v1.2: fixed error with comma in title

I came across a big bug in the caption. If you placed a comma in the title (which is used for caption) example: title=”bla, bla, bla” the image and the captions got hussled. I fixed this and added some new features (read more).

You can follow my progress in the Flashbox directory. A gallery example: Badass Robots used in film.

Transformers Movie Optimus Prime
Robot B9 from Lost In Space
ABC Warrior from Judge DreddCain
Roy Batty

Download WordPress Plugin – Download FlashBox v1.2

If you have FlashBox v1.1 installed, you should delete the directory!

Download wp-FlashBox v1.2 (20,1 kB)

Flash FlashBox Open source / Freeware WordPress Plugin

FlashBox v1.1: fixed visibility bug FF2 (Apple)

Update #1: Tested on Opera on Apple and Pc

Update #2: Another bug seems to appear in Firefox 2 for the Mac: goto Flashbox directory, click on rel=”flashbox[test]” (you should see a mecha-robot with sword). If you scroll to the top of the page, FlashBox disappears and when you scroll down, you will see it again…

Update #3: Images of bug in Firefox 2 (Apple) [1] [2] [3]

Update #4: another bug, but for all browsers: if you type title=”bla bla bla, bla bla” (title with a komma) the images used in the won’t show.

I love feedback…. and the feedback on FlashBox was that it didn’t work correctly on Firefox 2 on the Mac.
This was a serious bug… and it took me some time to figure out where it was created.

You can follow my progress in the Flashbox directory. A gallery example: Badass Robots used in film.

Transformers Movie Optimus Prime
Robot B9 from Lost In Space
ABC Warrior from Judge Dredd
Roy Batty

So the code is tested on:

  • Firefox, Opera 9.10 and Safari 1.3.2 on Apple
  • Firefox, Opera 9.10 and IE 7.0 on Pc

Sadly I have no access to a Intel Mac with Flock

(Please let me know if it works / or not in other browsers)

Download WordPress Plugin – Download FlashBox v1.1

Download wp-FlashBox v1.1 (19,2 kB)

I haven’t updated the link in, because I don’t want the same mistake (not testing on different browsers) twice